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Yana Gupta Will Not Fall Short of Panties this Year!

The Czechoslovakian born girl Yana Gupta of ‘Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo’ fame has received a unique New Year gift this year. The fans of the 31 year old lady gifted her several boxes filled with panties! However, Yana has taken this in her stride and said that she accepted them gracefully.

Yana Gupta

We all know the reason behind this gift. She was photographed in a charity event in Mumbai without any inner wear and the topic got spread among the media like wild fire. Her ‘pantyless act’ made her hit once again even though the photographer, the organizer and the item girl, were sued by a social activist.

So, Yana will remember the incidence forever in her life and will never forget her panties on any occasion. Moreover, these New Year gifts will not allow her to forget it throughout this year at least.

Yana shared about her New Year gifts on the micro-blogging site Twitter saying that she can start her New Year safely with those unusual gifts and she even thanked her fans for those boxes.

However, one thing is sure that Yana will not require buying panties for this year as her fans have gifted lots of those to her on the first day of the year itself. She will have lot of choice and variety to select from for various occasions!

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 4 January, 2011

Madhuri Dixit Upset

Madhuri Dixit, the evergreen and once sought after Bollywood actress is presently pretty upset. She wishes to re-connect with her fans via social media network, but can’t. She is finding complexity to confirm her actual identity in the very popular social networking site, ‘Twitter’.

Recently, the ‘Twitter’ bug has caught up with the B-town biggies. There are so many counterfeit accounts in her name that the fans are having a tough time to track the authentic Madhuri and chat with her.

madhuri dixit

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Posted by Editor on 30 July, 2010

The Mangeshkar–Bachchan Connection: Twitter Brings the Two Legends together

Though social networking has its advantages and disadvantages, the entertainment business has nothing to complain about. Not when Bollywood’s two living legends Lata Mangeshkar (LM) and Amitabh Bachchan (AB) are brought closer through their interaction on Twitter.

Amitabh Bachchan

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Posted by Editor on 14 July, 2010

Aamir Khan gets more than 70,000 Followers in Twitter within 2 Days

Bollywood perfectionist, Aamir Khan has joined the Twitter bandwagon on 1st July and the actor has more than 70000 followers within just two days. But Aamir is following only one account, that of of Amitabh Bachchan, who persuaded him to join the micro blogging site.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

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Posted by Editor on 2 July, 2010

Sherlyn Chopra Banned by Twitter for Posting Provocative Pictures

Sherlyn Chopra, the small time sizzling actress of Bollywood, has been banned by the Twitter from posting images, which are supposed to be provocative enough to raise a controversy.

The actress has become the first celebrity from India, who has been banned by the micro-blogging site. A few days back, Chopra posted some of her nude pictures on Twitter. Many people objected to her images forcing her to take the pictures off from her profile. A rights group in Mumbai also threatened Sherlyn with legal action.

Sherlyn Chopra

According to a source, “Sherlyn has used her Twitter account (@SherlynChopra) as a medium of exhibition. The number of her followers increased everyday with the public display of her nude pictures. Some of the followers, claiming to be social activists, however, condemned these provocative pictures.”

The source added, “They threatened her online saying that an FIR will be filed against her. These followers also informed Twitter about the act and lodged a formal complaint against her. Now, she has been asked by the site not to upload such bold images.”

Reacting on this, the sizzling Sherlyn said, “My images are not at all suggestive but yes, they are sensual. Have we lost the freedom of expression? Being an Indian girl, I know my morals.”

Well Sherlyn, we all have freedom of expression but we often misuse it or just do not know how to use it properly!

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 23 June, 2010

Aamir Khan to Join the Tweeting Bandwagon on July 1

Twitter adds one more celebrity to its long list of renowned and big names like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Shahid Kapoor, Shekhar Kapur, Arjun Rampal, Gul Panag, Karan Johar and many more. The new name is none other than Bollywood’s perfectionist hero Aamir Khan. He was convinced to join the bandwagon by Bollywood’s Big B.

aamir khan

It was reported last week that the megastar Amitabh Bachchan and his actor turned politician wife Jaya Bachchan met Aamir Khan over dinner in London. Mr Bachchan took the opportunity to convince the actor to join the popular micro-blogging site. He agreed to start tweeting from July 1, after much persuasion.

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Posted by Editor on 18 June, 2010

Kunal Kohli has forbidden Deepika and Imran from Tweeting

Kunal Kohli has forbidden Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan, the stars of his under-production film Break Ke Baad, currently shooting in Mauritius, from going on any social networking site on the Internet and talking about their film.

imran khan and deepika padukone

This is the second producer who has banned his stars from tweeting about a film. Earlier Sajid Nadiadwala had to restrain Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra from going on social networking sites about their film Anjaana Anjaani.

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Posted by Editor on 16 June, 2010

From Hero to Zero, in Twitter

twitter logoTwitter has been the most open social networking site for common men as well as for the celebrities. No other platform has been as successful in bringing the Bollywood actors out in the open. They speak their hearts out here and the fans love interacting with them virtually.

Big Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, veteran Anupam Kher and even the perfectionist Amir Khan are seen tweeting often. They have a huge fan following which makes them proud. But what happens, when our heros find no fan following them, suddenly, one day?

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Posted by Editor on 16 June, 2010

Rain Songs, Anyone?

The perky Genelia D’Souza recently tweeted that she had just finished shooting for a rain song. While it was a fairly ordinary event, we’re sure it had many of us thinking, ‘not another one!’

Genelia dsouza

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Posted by Editor on 10 June, 2010