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Saif turns to realistic cinema!

Saif Ali Khan has enjoyed a good run at the box office lately. His maiden home production, Love Aaj Kal was a certified hit and his jodi with Deepika Padukone was well-received. Though Kurbaan didn’t do as well, his performance was highly appreciated. And then came the icing on the cake – the Padmashri award! It was a commendable achievement. Of late though, he has been written about more for his relationship with the stunning Bebo rather than his work. He hopes to change that in the upcoming year.

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Posted by Editor on 19 April, 2010
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Kareena Kapoor is the highest female Tax Payer for Financial Year 2009-2010

Kareena Kapoor –Bollywood’s Numero Uno actress has emerged the highest paying taxpayer from among her contemporaries.

Kareena Kapoor who paid a staggering deposit last year –leads the pack of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses this year reigning steady at her Numero Uno position.

Kareena Kapoor who is the most sought after brand ambassador in B-town is also no doubt the first option that pops up in most directors’ mind. She is the only female lead to work with all the 3 Khans in a single year – SRK in Billu Barber, Saif Ali Khan in Kurbaan and Aamir Khan in the blockbuster 3 Idiots bagging one performance oriented award after another.

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Posted by Editor on 20 March, 2010
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Kareena and Shahid are not Promoting Milenge Milenge together

Plans for bringing Kareena and Shahid Kapoor together to promote their pending project Milenge Milenge have been called off. It has now been decided by producer Boney Kapoor that the pair will promote the film individually, to avoid any embarrassment and awkwardness for Kareena, who’s in a committed relationship with Saif Ali Khan. Although, for the record, Shahid, who had no objections to collaborating with Kareena on the promotion, seems unaware of these developments.

When asked if he’d be willing to promote the film jointly with Kareena, Shahid says enthusiastically, “Yes, I’ll do everything I can to promote it.

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Posted by Editor on 15 March, 2010
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Karisma Kapoor delivers Healthy Baby Boy

Karisma Kapur became a mother for the second time yesterday afternoon. She delivered a healthy baby boy at a South Mumbai hospital. Her parents, Randhir Kapoor and Babita, her younger sister, actress Kareena and her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan and their close friend Lovely Singh were the first ones to reach the hospital and check on the mother as well as the baby.

Babita excitedly messaged all her friends to inform them about her grandson’s birth and Kareena gushed that she now has another little one to call her ‘Bebo Ma’ (Karisma’s daughter, Samaira, calls Kareena ‘Bebo Ma’).

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Posted by Editor on 13 March, 2010
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Kareena goes retro for Saif

Saif Ali Khan is influencing his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor with his choice of films. Apparently he has been recommending a few classics to her. And the doting girlfriend that she is, she’s been watching these regularly to refine her taste in films.

Saif has not only asked her to watch Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Gone With The Wind, he also got her a number of Marilyn Monroe films like Some Like It Hot, The Seven Year Itch. He also suggested she watches How to Murder your Wife.

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Posted by Editor on 12 March, 2010
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Movie Review: Kurbaan

These days everyone wants to make a movie on terrorism. Even the candy floss producers like Yash Chopra and Karan Johar are not hesitant to embrace the genre.

Kurbaan is yet another movie on terrorism which tries to show both sides of the coin, but most of the time ends up glorifying the west and the general conceptions.

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Posted by Editor on 21 November, 2009
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Saif and Kareena Caught Kissing

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were caught red handed by our cameras showing much more than normal affection. The love birds were involved in a lip-lock in public. And guess what, they were not even bothered by our camera capturing their intimate moment.

Check out our Exclusive Saif and Kareena Kissing Video.

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Posted by Editor on 3 November, 2008

Saif fights with Kareena at IIFA

According to reports in the media, Saif Ali Khan visited Kareena Kapoor at the IIFA awards, but rushed out of Bangkok due to a fight over a revealing costume Kareena wore during her stage performance. When asked about the unexpected visit of Saif, Kareena replied… “So sweet of him naa, he is coming all the way from London for me.”


Kareena has done everything from wearing skimpy clothes to acting in intimate scenes with her costars, so what is Saif really complaining about? Its high time Saif realizes that Kareena is an actress and she is in mood to sacrifice her rocketing career for him.

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Posted by Editor on 10 June, 2008
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Saif Ali Khan on Man’s World

Here’s Saif Ali Khan on the cover of men’s lifestyle magazine Man’s World.

Saif Ali Khan Man’s World

Hmmm…what has happened to Saif Ali Khan? I guess this picture was taken after the release of Tashan. :D Probably Saif must be thinking, “Kareena left Shahid because their onscreen pairing was not working…so what if she leaves me too because our pairing is not working as well?! How am I going to remove this ‘Kareena’ tattoo?! ” :D

You guys know something… These days I can read celebrity minds.

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Posted by Editor on 22 May, 2008
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