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Rohit Bal – Talks to Lipika Varma about his Health Hazards

rohit balRohit Bal – talks to Lipika Varma about his health hazards, Having transformed into good human being, changed life style, fashion week etc in an exclusive rendezvous.

Gudda has a pivotal message to part with – “ Avoid, ingesting too much of alcohol incessantly. Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important. Do not abuse your body.”

Rohit Bal, the man behind Fashion discloses – his lifestyle, fashion weeks, brand extensions and on missing his favorites. Rohit Bal strictly follows diet by missing all the tempting dry fruits. Having, resumed to his fashion assignments after a gap of two months. It was obvious that he had changed…for the good. Ask him how is the feeling of life after having a close brush with death in the recent past; undoubtedly, after having a close brush with death kind of an experience, one turns very practical. I feel I have transformed into a good human being. I do not have the guts of criticizing any one. I feel one needs to take life as it comes by all means.”.

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 19 May, 2010
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Rohit Bal Roots For Kashmir

Rohit Bal has always been one to stick to his roots. Most of his collections have a traditional touch to them. This Kashmiri designer has somehow, always managed to bring a feel of Kashmiri trends within our easy reach. Many of his collections have been inspired by Kashmir.

rohit bal

The renowned designer always looks forward to doing something for Kashmir. He recently went back to his native state to shoot for a TV programme. This programme sheds light on the difficulties that the craftsmen in Kashmir have to face. The shooting for this show went on for approximately three and a half days.

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Posted by Editor on 15 May, 2010
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Rohit Bal is Back With a Bang

rohit bal and deepikaWe are very much aware that renowned designer Rohit Bal had suffered from a heart attack in February and had been rushed to a hospital. After approximately two and a half months, the designer is now ready to take the reins of his life in his own hands.

The suave designer does not want to take any risks where as far as his health is concerned. He has now quit drinking alcohol altogether as he has no desire to let his way of life before the heart attack harm his health in any way. He claims that for the sake of his well being he will be exercising certain amount of control on a few things and continue to have as much fun as he has had earlier in his life.

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Posted by Editor on 14 May, 2010
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Arjun: It Was A Very Scary Wakeup Call For Rohit Bal

Arjun Rampal’s mentor and pal designer, Rohit Bal, is out of the hospital and back at home, recuperating slowly after a heart attack.

Says Arjun, “It was a scary wake-up call for Rohit. He is recovering. But it will take time. He will now be far more cautious about his health. Who doesn’t want to live? We all need to exercise restraint and keep regular hours.”

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Posted by Editor on 29 April, 2010
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