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John Abraham to Play Villain in Race 2

Bollywood hunk John Abraham shot to fame with his negative character Kabir in Dhoom. He was accepted and appreciated by the audience for the role. Now, he is going to play the same villain avatar in the Abbas-Mustan sequel of the hit movie Race.

john abraham

The filmmaker duo is happy with the inclusion of John as they think he is perfect for the role. Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor have already signed to play the lead roles.

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Posted by Editor on 23 June, 2010

John Abraham is Busier than Ever

After a period of serious re-thinking, John Abraham has gone on a signing spree.

john abraham

Apparently he’s doing as many as 12 films now, ranging from a sequel on male bonding (Dostana 2) to a boys-having-fun comedy (Desi Boys) to a science-fiction flick (Alien Sahib) to a full-on action flick co-starring Asin.

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Posted by Editor on 14 June, 2010

John Abraham’s Football Fanaticism Surfaces on the Eve of World Cup

The whole of Bollywood knows that there is no bigger football fan in Bollywood than John. In fact John is so passionate about football that he has joined hands with the national footballer Baichung Bhutia to promote the game.

john abraham

If there’s any doubt about John’s involvement with football here’s further and unquestionable evidence. In the last few weeks John, whose Bandra residence has been under renovation for nearly a year now, put all the construction work on his family house on hold just to focus on …building a home theatre!

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Posted by Editor on 12 June, 2010

Split Wide Open : John and Bipasha Part Ways on Colombo

Love and ideology make strange bedfellows. While other star couples from Bollywood were off to Colombo for four days of fun, frolic and, er.. films at IIFA, John and Bipasha decided to go their separate ways on the issue of Tamilian protests against Bollywood’s presence in Colombo.

john abraham and bipasha basu

Says a source close to John and Bipasha, “Bipasha proceeded to Colombo at the last minute without John. This was the first time she attended this annual jamboree without John and no, she wasn’t sulking over the matter. Bipasha had no choice but to attend because she had to represent her film Lamhaa in Colombo.”

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Posted by Editor on 5 June, 2010

Bollywood: Work in Progress – Jism 2

There been news for a long time about a sequel to 2003’s boldest movie Jism. The sequel which has so far been titled as Jism 2 was announced way back in 2008. The grapevine was abuzz with the news of the John Abraham Bipasha Basu starrer then.

jism2 john and bipasha

But then we haven’t seen the movie anywhere in the theatres. Finally, today Mahesh Bhatt revealed on the social networking site Twitter, that the screenplay of the movie is currently being written. “Working on Jism 2: We need to give our screenplays the time they deserve to be written.”

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Posted by Editor on 4 June, 2010

John gets ready for Cop’s Role in Hindi Remake of Kaakha Kaakha, Takes Tips from Surya

Playing a cop for the first time in his career in the Hindi remake of Kaakha Kaakha, John Abraham isn’t taking any chances.

john abraham

He wants to get the spoken language, body language, personality and tone just right. For this, John has not only been re-structuring his metabolism and changing his food and exercise habits and watching as many cops’ films from Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry to Om Puri in Ardh Satya to Amitabh Bachchan In Zanjeer repeatedly, he has also been socializing with the cops trying to understand how their minds and bodies move.

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Posted by Editor on 1 June, 2010

Dance On Westminster Bridge For John Abraham, First Film Unit To Ever Do So

This week, John Abraham will be the first film actor from any part of the world to shoot on the mythic Westminster Bridge in the heart of London.

john abraham

How to keep the NRI oglers at bay? That’s the question which hounds the director, Abbas Tyrewala, as the unit gathers in London in nail-biting suspense.

On one of the given dates, the Westminster Bridge, forever buzzing with activity, will be cordoned off for a historic romantic shot, in the most virgin film locale available to a crew. Between May 11 and 13—the exact date and time not being revealed to avoid an avalanche of NRIs creating a stampede—John Abraham will get ultra-romantic with his co-star Pakhi at one of London’s most scenic and tourist-friendly locations, the Westminster Bridge which stands over the legendary River Thames.

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Posted by Editor on 13 May, 2010

Fardeen Khan Gets Generous With John Abraham

Who says the film industry lacks a spirit of generosity and solidarity?

Ask John Abraham. Super-keen to do Surya’s role in the Hindi remake of Gautham Menon’s 2003 Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha, John to his dismay discovered that the Hindi remake rights of the film about a cop on a vendetta trail was with Fardeen Khan.

John was very keen to do the film. When he saw the film he immediately asked his new director-pal Nishikant Kamat to make the film in Hindi. Kamath was busy scripting another action-masala film for John to be produced by UTV. But when he saw how keen John was to do Kaakha Kaakha in Hindi before anyone else did including Salman Khan (who apparently was very eager to do the film) Kamat agreed to do Kaakha Kaakha first before the other film with UTV.”

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Posted by Editor on 26 April, 2010

Hook Ya Crook shelved

David Dhawan’s film, Hook Ya Crook, starring John Abraham and Genelia D’Souza, has been shelved. It was going steady, had completed 90% of the film and even had UTV as its producer. The film was done away with, despite the amount of funds poured in by UTV, because they felt it won’t work.

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Posted by Editor on 12 April, 2010