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Movie Review: Karzzzz

Himesh Reshammiya has brainwashed millions of people in his cult. He doesn’t care though – as long as he has his loyal fans, he can continue to churn out idiotic movies such as Aap Ka Suroor and now Karzzzz.

I really like Himesh…but its hard to say anything good about this movie….

Karzzzz urmila himesh

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Posted by Editor on 20 October, 2008
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Will Himesh do it Again?

This Himesh Reshammiya in a Burqa photo was taken at the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dargah in Ajmer. Well, this is not a new photo as this was taken right before the release of Himesh’s debut movie Aap Ka Surror.

Himesh Burqa

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Posted by Editor on 11 October, 2008

Himesh Reshammiya in Kajrare

If you think that Himesh Reshammiya will disappear as a hero after his upcoming movie Karzzzz, you are absolutely wrong! Himesh will be seen not in one, two or three but four movies in the year 2009. Yep, no kidding! And one of them is Pooja Bhatt directed Kajraare. The movie other than having actor-composer-singer-everything Himesh will feature Pakistani actress Monalaizza.

Kajrare Himesh Reshammiya

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Posted by Editor on 9 October, 2008

Music Review: Karzzzz

After not hearing from him for over a year, Himesh’s fans can rejoice now that the musician/singer/actor is finally back…in a remake of the classic film Karz.

Anytime you remake a classic, you will have your share of haters. Add to it the fact that Himesh Reshammiya (HR) alone has quite a large number of haters and you can clearly see this film has an uphill task in being successful.

karzzzz - himesh

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Posted by Editor on 6 September, 2008
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Himesh and his Arrogance

Here is a picture of Himesh Reshammiya and crew of Karzzzz (don’t exactly remember the number of Zs :D ) with a fan at Johannesburg airport, Cape Town, South Africa.

himesh karzzzz

Have you guys ever seen Himesh Reshammiya smile? What is he trying to show? At least to me, this picture shows his arrogance. Its high time Himesh shows some friendliness, because without us he is nobody.

[photo via rediff]

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Posted by Editor on 12 June, 2008
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Himesh Reshammiya at Kajraare Mahurat

Here’s Himesh Reshammiya with playback singer Tulsi Kumar at the Mahurat of Bhushan Kumar’s Kajraare.

Himesh Reshammiya Kajraare

Kajraare is directed by actress-turned-director Pooja Bhatt, and it stars Himesh Reshammiya with Pakistani actress Monalaizza.

This Himesh is gone crazy! How many movies would he act in?! As per the media reports, he has signed 5 movies even before the release of his second movie Karzzzz.

Anyways, doesn’t his fake hair look funny? Somebody had commented here that it is not fake hair….Himesh had done hair transplant. I say…whatever, but still his hair looks funny.

[photo via bollywoodhungama]

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Posted by Editor on 30 April, 2008
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Is Himesh’s Career Done?

After rocking us with a record breaking number of hits only two years ago, it seems Himesh Reshammiya has vanished now. As he spends his sweet time working on one or two films every year, what do his fans do now?

Himesh Reshammiya

His doubters are saying that he is history now, and his lucky run is over. They may have a point. It seemed he was a musical genius in 2006 when he was churning out hit after hit after hit. Every time you turned on the tv, one of his songs was playing. He was on top of the world…

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Posted by Editor on 15 April, 2008

Himesh Reshammiya signs his fifth movie

If you are thinking that Aap Ka Suroor was Himesh Reshammiya’s first and the last movie, then stop fooling yourself. Our Himesh bhai has decided to take revenge on us for criticizing his singing by signing his fifth movie. I know how depressed you are after hearing the news, but who can stop him.

Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Muidh KeMudh Mudh Ke Na Dekkh Mudh Muidh Ke

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Posted by Editor on 9 March, 2008

Himesh Reshammiya with Fake Hair

If you are one of many, who think Himesh Reshammiya looks funny with his cap on, check out his sans cap pictures from his upcoming movie Karzzzz. We bet you will fall off your chair laughing. It looks as if he bought that wig from some cheap discount store in Bombay.

himesh reshammiya

Himesh Bhai, take some tips from the Tamil Superstar, Rajinikant, on how to wear fake hair.

Check the latest photos of Himesh Reshammiya in Karzzz at Rediff and bollywoodhungama

[Photo via Rediff]

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Posted by Editor on 19 February, 2008
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