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Will it be Dutt-Bipasha’s Happy Lamhaa at the BO?

There have been numerous films in the past which has tackled this ‘sensitive’ issue, but only a few filmmakers have handled it ‘maturely’ but still … there is no ‘solution. Will this week’s release Lamhaa take a step further and also simultaneously appeal to the audiences? Our in-house expert and renowned astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts for us, as usual.


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Posted by Editor on 14 July, 2010

Bipasha Launches her own Fitness Clothing Line with ‘BB Love Yourself’

Bipasha Basu is well known for being a fitness freak and health conscious. She created her own fashion statement every time she appears in a new film. Now, the hot and fit actress has come up with her own fitness clothing line named ‘BB Love Yourself’ with Reebok.

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Posted by Editor on 8 July, 2010

John’s New Role Model is Aamir Khan

John has found a perfect role model. And it’s Aamir Khan whose career strategies are rapidly becoming the most emulated in tinsel town.

Most of John’s friends and Bipasha Basu think he has given his career’s best performance in Abbas Tyrewala new love story earlier entitled 1-800-Love now called Call Me…Dil after the song in Tyrewala’s film. Now that the date for the film has been locked in — its October 15, John is setting aside a large chunk of the year just to nurture and promote what he considers to be the most important film of his career.

john abraham

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Posted by Editor on 6 July, 2010

Bipasha: “Dhoni’s Wedding was Planned”

Contrary to rumors that cricketer Dhoni decided to get married on the spur of the moment Bipasha Basu, a close friend of the cricketer, says the wedding was planned months in advance.

bipasha basu

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Posted by Editor on 5 July, 2010

Ajay and Bipasha Reaches Diu to Shoot for Akrosh

Director Priyadarshan has roped in Bollywood star Ajay Devgan and the hot Bipasha Basu for his latest movie Akrosh. Both the stars have reached the beautiful location of Diu to start shooting for the movie.

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Posted by Editor on 3 July, 2010

Govt. Clears the Release of Lamhaa

Indian government has shown a good gesture by creating no trouble for the release Rahul Dholakia’s latest film Lamhaa, which is based on the much troubled state of the country, Kashmir. Dholakia, had earlier made the controversial film Parzania, which is yet to be released in Gujarat.

lamhaa poster

Considering the theme of the movie, people might have expected it to run into trouble with the government. However, the Union Home Secretary G K Pillai has given green signal to Lamhaa saying that they don’t want to stall the release of the movie.

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Posted by Editor on 1 July, 2010

John-Bipasha Refuse to Endorse a Herbal Aphrodisiac

Bollywood bombshell, Bipasha Basu, and her beau John Abraham have been seen endorsing various products. The couple also appeared together for the Clinic All Clear commercial. The presence of this hot pair increases the brand visibility of any product.

Recently, the couple was approached to endorse an Indian herbal aphrodisiac, but they declined the offer despite being offered a huge amount of money. Bipasha said that they will only promote health and fitness products as a couple.

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham

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Posted by Editor on 25 June, 2010

Lamhaa Promo in Trouble?

Rahul Dholakia’s film has been facing trouble since the beginning. To start with, Karishma Kapoor backed out from the project after showing a lot of interest in it. Then, Bipasha Basu was taken in to play the role of a Kashmiri girl. Later, the sexy Basu also walked out of the set in Kashmir, saying that she was feeling very uncomfortable mobbed by the fans. Then, the rumors of Vidya Balan replacing Basu started to do the rounds. All these issues were resolved later and Bips continued to be the leading lady in the film.


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Posted by Editor on 15 June, 2010

Split Wide Open : John and Bipasha Part Ways on Colombo

Love and ideology make strange bedfellows. While other star couples from Bollywood were off to Colombo for four days of fun, frolic and, er.. films at IIFA, John and Bipasha decided to go their separate ways on the issue of Tamilian protests against Bollywood’s presence in Colombo.

john abraham and bipasha basu

Says a source close to John and Bipasha, “Bipasha proceeded to Colombo at the last minute without John. This was the first time she attended this annual jamboree without John and no, she wasn’t sulking over the matter. Bipasha had no choice but to attend because she had to represent her film Lamhaa in Colombo.”

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Posted by Editor on 5 June, 2010