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Parmeet Sethi turns Director with Badmaash Company

parmeet sethiIn a brief chit – chat with actor turned director Parmeet Sethi speaks his heart to Lipika Varma.

What is Badmaash Company all about?

This story is about four friends. I have always been reading about different scams. Telgi scam, bank scam. The society around you dictates you at times. I was influenced by these scams that I would read and always wondered how they got away with it. It’s nothing real on reel. This is a fictional story which I finished writing in six days.

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 4 May, 2010

I Wish I Was A Part Of Films Like 3 Idiots, Dhoom or for that Matter Krissh – Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor tells Jyothi Venkatesh that he is happy that Paathshaala, which he did not do for commercial reasons, has recovered its cost at the box office.

shahid kapoor

Is Badmaash Company a film on scam jobs?

At the face of it, it may seem to be a film on a con job scam, where the protagonists do wrong things in the right way, but in effect it is actually a journey of four different friends. It is about their coming of age, their relationship, their understanding of life etc. A lot happen to them fast and the impact it has on their lives forms the crux of the subject. It is a film which has an emotional base. I feel that any day any film with emotional base will connect to people easily.

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Posted by Editor on 1 May, 2010

Shahid’s hopes lie on ‘Badmaash Company’ now

‘But then we should be able to sail through after accounting DVD and satellite sales’

Looking at the way makers are coming up with this statement week after week (sometimes even months before the release, as Himesh Reshammiya did in case of ‘Radio’), one wonders if producers have stopped worrying completely about theatrical sales. Of course for big films, it is imperative that there are good foot falls in theaters. But when it comes to smaller films like ‘Phoonk 2′, there is so much of dependency (and comfort) when it comes to eventual recovery of amount spent in making them.

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Posted by Editor on 26 April, 2010

Shahid’s A Hit with the Girls!

Our BTown hunks have a legion of fans all over the world. Be it veterans like Aamir Khan and SRK, macho men like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan or chocolate boys Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, everyone has their own fan following. But no one enjoys female adulation quite like Shahid Kapoor! The man has a female fan following transcending age, religion and even countries. His cutesy looks, endearing attitude and mean moves on the dance floor have made him one the top stars today.

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Posted by Editor on 23 April, 2010

Character Based On Telgi Cut Out Of Badmaash Company

Aditya Chopra’s forthcoming project, Badmaash Company, had a character based on scamster Abdul Karim Telgi. However, in order to avoid controversy, the character was done away with.

Abdul Karim Telgi was behind the multi-crore stamp paper scam and was arrested by the Mumbai Police in 1991. He is still in jail.

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Posted by Editor on 19 April, 2010

Shahid is Crowded and Annoyed. Pining For Time Alone to Prepare For Mausam

Shahid has been wrenched away from the ‘think’ of things. Just when he needed to feel like a solitary brooder for his father’s film where he plays an Airforce officer and hence a man who spends many hours flying high above the noise and bustle of day to day life, he had to shooed back into noisy civilization.

The double dose of publicity for his two forthcoming films Paathshaala and Badmaash Company have come in the way of Shahid’s deep and purportedly uninterrupted preparation for his father’s film Mausam. Shahid who plays a romantic loner in Mausam was just getting into his solitary space taking long mo’bike rides in the night to understand what it feels like to be completely on his own, when he has been yanked back into the thick of things with a series of never-ending publicity and promotion for two films.

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Posted by Editor on 16 April, 2010

Music of Badmaash Company out now!

Yashraj Film’s Badmaash Company is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year. The Shahid Kapoor-Anushka Sharma starrer has made news for a long time now – be it for the differences between Shahid and director Parmeet Sethi, Shahid saving Anushka from a mishap and the argument between the lead pair! Its music is also creating waves, literally. The film’s music album was released recently and it has been well-received.

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Posted by Editor on 14 April, 2010

Accident on the sets of Badmaash Company

Bollywood has frequently used chandeliers. So the prop was used even in Parmeet Sethi’s Badmaash Company. While shooting for a music video on Sunday though, Anushka Sharma only just missed a chandelier that came down on the sets at MT Studio, Andheri.

Shahid and Anushka were shooting underneath a huge chandelier as was decided earlier. Everyone was shocked when it came down suddenly. Shahid however, was quick and got Anushka out of the way.

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Posted by Editor on 25 March, 2010

Shahid Kapoor refuses to shoot wearing vest

Shahid Kapoor, who toned his body up quite a bit for Kaminey, seems to love that look of his and finds it perfect. His refusal to listen to first-time director Parmeet Sethi and choreographer Ahmed Khan on the sets of Yash Raj Films’ Badmaash Company, his refusal to do retakes and his crabbiness have already been in the news for a while now. Just when one thought that he wouldn’t create anymore trouble for the film unit, Shahid had to be difficult again yesterday.

While shooting for the movie’s title song at MT Studios, Shahid refused to listen to the unit again. The song required him to wear a white vest in a pub but he showed his reluctance to do so.

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Posted by Editor on 22 March, 2010