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Movie Review: Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta (2010)

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta: A Solid Bore

Mr Singh Mrs Mehta

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

Cast: Prashant Narayanan, Aruna Shields, Lucky Hassan and Naved Aslam

Director: Pravesh Bhardwaj

Aditya Mehta (Prashant Narayanan) is an artist who is more shown painting his wife’s toenails than the colours of the canvas. His wife Sakhi Mehta (Lucy Hassan) is shown to be having an extramarital affair with Karan Singh (Naved Aslam). Now, Karan’s wife Neera Singh (Aruna Shields) discovers that her husband is cheating on her and she ends up seeking solace in Aditya’s company. They get drawn together by shame and anger as they find more comfort in each other’s friendship. But despite bonding well, they try not to have a relationship with each other.

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Posted by Editor on 25 June, 2010

Special Show of Film Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta Held in Mumbai

Recently, a special show of the film ‘Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta’ was held in PVR Cinemas, Juhu, Mumbai. For this special show, the film’s heroine, Aruna Shields specially flew back to India as she was abroad. Aruna, has been much in discussion on account of her controversial nude scenes in the film.

Aruna Shields

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Posted by Editor on 25 June, 2010

Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta Premier Show Rocks

Sex always sells, and more importantly, it merits attention. May be it was the hype surrounding the nude scenes involving British actor Aruna Shields that saw some of the biggest names showing up at the first screening of debutant director Pravesh Bharadwaj’s bold film Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta.

Prashant Narayannan and Aruna Shields

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Posted by Editor on 25 June, 2010

Aruna Shields Love-Making Scenes in Mr Singh Mrs Mehta clears Film Censor

Aruna ShieldsLondon’s desi import Aruna Shields who was last seen cavorting with Vivek Oberoi in Prince has bettered her score in her second Hindi film. In Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta she has bartered the bikini for her birthday suit.

Though the censor board has generously passed all the nude scenes and torrid love sequences between Aruna Shields and Prashant Narayanan in Pravesh Bhardawaj’s Mr Singh & Mrs Mehta with an ‘A’ certificate, the director’s wife Shruti Nagar(who works with Rajshri Productions) has objected to the way the director has repeatedly caught the couple in intimate postures, all across the film.

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Posted by Editor on 17 June, 2010

Aruna Shields plays Desi Girl

Aruna Shields has gone for a complete image makeover with her new film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta, which releases on June 25. From a desi Bond babe, Shields has transformed herself into a girl-next-door from a small town in this film.

Aruna Shields

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Posted by Editor on 4 June, 2010

And Now a Sequel To Prince

Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Sushmita Sen…These are the names that would be offered the lead parts in the sequel to Prince which is all set to go on the floors early next year.

Kookie Gulati, the young director of Prince is in a daze. He just can’t believe the opening that his film Prince has received. And before he could even begin to let the whole idea of a potential hit sink in, he’s all set to create a sequel to Prince.

Confirming this, Gulati says, “We had left the ending open, suggesting there might be more to the plot than what we had just seen. But there was just a hint of a fear. What if Prince fell flat on its face? What would people say about even suggesting a sequel?”

Luckily the response to the film has been overwhelming. Kookie who had never directed a feature film before, has locked the plot. “I have an idea for the sequel which I’ll now develop. Since it’s the plot that has worked in Prince we’ve to make sure the sequel is even stronger in terms of content.”

While Vivek Oberoi will of course play the title role in the sequel the rest of the cast specially the leading ladies will all change.

Says a source close to the Prince project, “When we approached the top leading ladies they all either said a straight no nor or begged off with the date excuse. They had no faith in the project. More importantly no top leading lady wanted to work with Vivek. On the day after Prince opened Vivek began to receive congratulatory smses from some of the leading ladies who had declined to work with him in Prince.”

Vivek Oberoi laughs . “I wouldn’t like to dwell on the past. All is good now. And I’d just like to concentrate on the positive things. Yes, we are making a sequel.In fact when we put in a suggestion of it in the first film we had finally decided to edit it out because it was vain at that point of time to think audiences would like our film enough to see a sequel.”

Adds Kookie Gulati, “It’s been a three-year uphill climb for me and Vivek. I was making music videos for the Tauranis’ Tips It took me a great deal of effort to convince them that I could pull off a feature film. During the last three years I have had no time to do anything else but the film.My 3-year old son thinks I’m a stranger in the house. I’m much better prepared for the sequel. I’m more confident now.”

Producer Kumar Taurani also confirms plans for the sequel.

-Subhash K Jha/Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 17 April, 2010

Vivek has the last laugh as ‘Prince’ opens well

If till last week, someone would have said that a film starring Vivek Oberoi would take the third best opening of the year after Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ and Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’, he would have been pronto sent to an asylum. Well, that ‘someone’ can now proudly stand up and make that announcement. That’s because believe it or not but Vivek’s ‘Prince’ has taken an opening which is next only to the aforementioned films. A 50% opening would have been a happy sign indeed for this action thriller that boasted of great music but always carried the danger of being ignored or savaged due to the presence of a certain Oberoi. However, Friday threw a different picture altogether with an opening which was much better than 50%, especially at single screen audience – the target audience for the film.

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Posted by Editor on 12 April, 2010

Movie Review: Prince (2010)

Prince – Paisa Vasool action thriller

Rating: 3 out of 5*

Starring: Vivek Oberoi, introducing Aruna Sheilds, Neeru Bajwa, Nandana Sen, Isaiah and Sanjay Kapoor

Director: Kookie V. Gulati

Prince Photo Gallery

The film begins with a huge diamond heist by master thief Prince (Vivek) and his associates followed by few more such high profile robberies. Three months are shown passed by and Prince wakes up with a gun shot wound on his hand and amnesia as well.

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Posted by Editor on 9 April, 2010