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Kajol dances hard despite pregnancy

She may be pregnant but that hasn’t deterred Kajol from working as hard as she does. While shooting for a song for Siddharth Malhotra’s remake of Stepmom, Kajol had to do some energetic dance steps. She had to be able to do as fine a job as Elvis Presley did in Jailhouse Rock, seeing as that was the song she was shooting for. The filmmakers have bought the rights to the song.

Kajol was a little worried about the dance steps affecting her health. She wasn’t too sure about the steps when choreographers Bosco and Ceaser showed them to her during rehearsals. She asked them to tone the steps down considerably.

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Posted by Editor on 29 March, 2010

Om Shanti Om is SRK’s Movie

om-shanti-omReincarnation stories have been tried in Bollywood but rarely have they ever worked (Karan Arjun is probably the only exception). Perhaps this is because these movies never make sense.

Om Shanti Om can be divided into 2 movies…the first half is comedy, SRK, and songs. The second half is the actual story.

The first half is light and fun. The second half is absurd.

Nothing really makes sense in the last hour. The story is supposed to be serious yet there is awkward humor added in. In less than 30 minutes SRK remembers EVERYTHING that happened in his previous life, finds a Deepika duplicate, finds the killer, and devises a plan to get revenge. And the ending is the saddest part of the movie.

SRK deserves accolades for making a mess called Om Shanti Om into a watchable movie. Only he is capable of doing something like this. That is why he is the king of bollywood and that is why this movie is a blockbuster hit.

6.5 OUT OF 10 (This movie should have been called “Shah Rukh Can Make the Trashiest of Stories into Hits”)

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Posted by Editor on 25 November, 2007
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