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Movie Review: Patiala House (2011)

Patiala House

patiala house

Producers: Nikhil Advani,Mukesh Talreja,Bhushan Kumar,Bhushan Kumar,Kishan Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Zoeb Springwala.

Director: Nikhil Advani.

Starcast: Akshay Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Dimple Kapadia, Prem Chopra, Hard Kaur and Soni Razdan

Stars: **

Patiala House is a film about the Kahlon household of Southall. The family is headed by orthodox Sikh Gurtej Kahlon (Rishi Kapoor) who expresses every emotion with a little moustache dance. He is deadly against the British for the Shiks who were subjected to racists exploitations.All the family members which comprises of about 13-15 members in all have to follow Gurtej blindly. No one is allowed to pursue any profession of their own. Although all the members of the family do not want to agree to whatever Gurtej dictates but the eldest of all Parghat Singh [Akki] is indifferent to their ideas. He believes in following his father blindly.While 17 years old he was selected to represent the England team but Gurtej did not allow him to play for them as an Indian this would bring disgrace to his country. Anushka Sharma is seen playing the love interest of Akki and she brings back the light of the day in the life of the cricketer.Dimple plays a silent watcher as a mother. Hard Kaur fashioned as a Punjabi aunt dressed as a Sikh is another comic element. Well! Will Gattu[ Akki ]turn to his passion “Cricket” and will Gurtej accept Akki playing for the England team forms the crux of the story.

Story Sreenplay: The tale is based on family bonding, attachments and emotional proximity. An engaging family drama with cricket. Let’s hope the father son relationship and the feeling of other family members amalgamated with cricket brings the audiences at the box office windows.

Performances-Appearances of cricketers like Symonds, McCullum, Gibbs, Pollard and ex-England captain Nassir Hussain who tries to speak Hindi seems like an unintentional comic element. Hard Kaur fashioned as a Punjabi aunty is worth a watch and finally when she comes back to her normal avatar of jazz singer she looks a killer.

Anushka looks good and definitely done a wonderful jabbering job. Akshay Kumar has definitely tried to aptly perform this emotional character. Nonetheless we miss his regular genre of screaming, laughing and punching. Last but not the least Rishi Kapoor tried to keep up to his angry fatherly character.

Music-The film’s music is predictably bhangra. Music has nothing much to offer.

The dialogues Though sound philosophical but are not very catchy.

Cinematography and editing is absolutely normal.

Direction- Like any other bollywood movie Nikhil tried to bring all the elements of masala. Nonetheless something seemed to be missing on the cricket field as it failed to keep the nerve of the onlookers thudding. Nothing much to vouch for.

All in all the usp of the film Akki and Anushaka demand a onetime watch atleast.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 12 February, 2011

Patiala House Posters Changed to Incorporate Anushka Sharma

The makers of upcoming Bollywood film Patiala House have reportedly decided to change the promotional posters of the film. According to reports in the media, this change has been finalized at the last moment to incorporate the leading lady of the film Anushka Sharma. Post her box office success with the Yash Raj film Band Baaja Baarat, Anushka Sharma has become one of the most wanted young actresses of Bollywood. And it is keeping this fact in mind that the producers will now promote Patiala House as a love story between lead actors Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma as opposed to the earlier choice of projecting the film as a father-son emotional drama.

patiala house

However, the director of Patiala House, Nikhil Advani has vehemently refuted any claim of making changes in the film’s poster keeping only Anushka Sharma in mind. In a statement to the media, Nikhil Advani says that the concept of a variety of posters had always been in his mind and it was only the Akshay Kumar – Rishi Kapoor poster that was released initially. Nikhil Advani also confirmed that since Anushka Sharma is an integral part of the star cast, there was no question of releasing posters without her picture.

Patiala House essentially concentrates between the emotional tussle between a son (played by Akshay Kumar) and father (played by Rishi Kapoor). Their battle begins when the son wants to join the England cricket team inspite of being an Indian citizen. Patiala House hits theaters in February.

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 5 January, 2011

Khatta Meetha Screenplay at the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Akshay Kumar and Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha recently received a request from The Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The library wishes to acquire a copy of the screenplay of the film.

Khatta Meetha

Khatta Meetha is largely a political satire on the municipal and construction dealings in India told through Sachin Tichkule’s (Akshay Kumar) life. It aims at highlighting and revealing the various facets and levels of bribing and crooked tricks required for a common man to survive the system.

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Posted by Editor on 10 August, 2010

Akshay Kumar Ropes in Vinay Virmani for Indo-Canadian Film Breakaway

With the decision of co-producing the Indo-Canadian film Breakaway Akshay Kumar gets himself a step closer to sealing his longstanding bond with Canadian culture and his passion – sports.

The film directed by Robert Lieberman, renowned for Disney’s The Mighty Ducks, will revolve around the theme of ice-hockey. For this purpose Akshay Kumar has roped in Vinay Virmani to play the lead.

akshay kumar Indo Canadian Film Breakaway

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Posted by Editor on 10 August, 2010

Singer Hard Kaur turns to Actress

Singer Hard Kaur is better and fondly known as the first “Lady Rapp Singer”. She has not only gained popularity for her excellence in singing, but also fallen over herself to prove her accomplishment in acting. Her fans will feel lucky to see her playing roles in movies.
Hard is playing an eminent role in the movie Patiala House which stars Akshay Kumar, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia.

Hard Kaur

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Posted by Editor on 5 August, 2010

Smart Package Deals Ensure that Khatta Meetha Survives

After lending the film a decent opening, audience may not have patronised Khatta Meetha throughout its opening week. However, in the times when it is an opening that makes or break most of the films, Khatta Meetha too managed to breathe relatively easier with 32 crores coming in after the first week. The collections did see a hit over the second weekend due to the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, hence denting chances of a reasonably longer second innings. The word of mouth wasn’t encouraging enough and audience decided to give the film a pass.

Khatta Meetha

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Posted by Editor on 3 August, 2010

Priyanka Chopra not delusional about own looks

Priyanka Chopra, the beautiful and talented actress from Bollywood recently proclaimed that she isn’t delusional about the way she looks.

She says that she likes to mix and match her apparel and she doesn’t like to create an ‘image’. She likes to experiment, just the way she does with her movies.

Priyanka Chopra

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Posted by Editor on 29 July, 2010

Akshay to be the Producer of Hollywood Films

Our very own action idol Akshay Kumar is all set to invade the golden shores of Hollywood. He has ‘broken’ in the Hollywood scene with his Break Away. He is donning the role of a producer in the film and primarily would be away from the screen. The movie stars the Canadian-born Emily Van Camp and is directed by Robert Lieberman.

akshay kumar

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Posted by Editor on 27 July, 2010

Khatta Meetha opens to a good start

You are bound to have a winner on hand with director Priyadarshan and the star with impeccable comic timing Akshay Kumar showcasing to audiences in the light hearted manner that they’ve mastered the various facets and levels of bribing and crooked tricks required for a common man to survive the system.

akshay kumar and trisha krishnan

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Posted by Editor on 27 July, 2010