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Tere Bin Laden Most Talked Movie in Town

Walkwater’s Tere Bin Laden has already found fans in popular industry biggies including Salman Khan, Karan Johar and Kangana Ranuat.

Tere bin laden poster

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Posted by Editor on 29 June, 2010

Ask Ali Zafar to sing Zindabaad Hindustan… he gets Tongue tied…

ali zafarAli Zafar answers everything right from terrorism, beauty, films and love for his country in a telephonic interview with Lipika Varma

Ali Zafar the Pakistani singer and the lead actor in TERE BIN LADEN, feels that India and Pakistan should be having amicable relationship as American and Canadian borders pursue.’

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 29 June, 2010

Ali Zafar of ‘Tere Bin Laden’ Suffers from Temporary Memory Loss on the Sets

Ali Zafar, the Tere Bin Laden actor shocked everyone on the sets recently. The Pakistani singer turned actor suffered from a temporary memory loss following a minor accident causing everyone to panic.

But the most shocked person was definitely the actor Ali Zafar, himself. Ali was supposed to ride a bike in one of the scenes. While riding the bike, the brakes failed and he fell somersaulting on the ground. This minor accident resulted in a state of temporary amnesia.

Ali  Zafar

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Posted by Editor on 23 June, 2010

Walkwater Gets an Anonymous Threat Letter for film Tere Bin Laden

Controversies continue to hound Tere Bin Laden with the latest being the cause of mirth among its team members.

Tere Bin Laden

Recently, Walkwater, the production house of the film Tere Bin Laden received an anonymous letter threatening them with dire consequences if they release the film.

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Posted by Editor on 16 June, 2010

Tere Bin Laden has Trouble with the Censor Board

Walkwater’s and Abhishek Sharma’s Tere Bin Laden did meet with some trouble from the censor board when a certain word in the film happened to sound like a cuss word..

Tere bin laden poster

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Posted by Editor on 12 June, 2010

Walkwater Ropes in Singing Sensation Ali Zafar for Tere Bin Laden

Walkwater and Abhishek Sharma’s tongue-in-cheek comedy -Tere Bin Laden stars heartthrob Ali Zafar who plays an ambitious young news reporter from Pakistan. The protagonist produces a fake Osama video and sells it to news channels when he comes across an Osama Bin Laden look alike.

Tere bin laden

Now very few know that Ali Zafar has a reputation for refusing films left, right and centre. Or the fact that he is one of the most good looking and popular men in Asia. Ali Zafar was offered many films both by Pakistan and Bollywood heavyweights but he did not want to do run-of-the-mill love stories.

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Posted by Editor on 8 June, 2010

Tere Bin Laden recreates Pakistan in India

Walkwater and Abhishek Sharma’s Tere Bin Laden has managed to do what no one has so far – it recreated Karachi in our very own Indian cities.

Tere bin laden

Tere Bin Laden, a tongue-in-cheek comedy about an ambitious young news reporter from Pakistan, who is desperate to migrate to the US in pursuit of the American dream, required everything to authentically look like it was truly Pakistani, right from the locations, costume design, language et all. Walkwater and Abhishek Sharma made sure that no stones were left unturned in doing just that.

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Posted by Editor on 31 May, 2010