» Welcome – Music is Disappointing!

Welcome – Music is Disappointing!

By Editor


Star Cast – Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Anil Kapoor

Music Director – Anand Raj Anand, Sajid/Wajid, Himesh Reshammiya

Welcome Movie

I had been waiting for something from Himesh for many months now… so after seeing his name on this album i was very excited. But unfortunately he only gets 2 songs in the entire album and both turn out to be heard-before songs from his stock. Anand Raj Anand turns out to be the winner in this album…

Welcome (S/W) – Title song is by Sajid/Wajid and this nothing more than another variation of their own “Do You Want a Partner” from Partner. NOT A GOOD START

Hont Rasile (ARA) – Extremely mediocre song…sounds like something you may have heard before. BORE

Tera Uncha Lamba Khad (ARA) – Here is the best song of the album! Not only is the music rocking, but Katrina Kaif looks extremely sexy in this one. So if you havent seen the video for this song yet, make sure you take a look…Katrina is turning out to be one of the sexiest ladies of Bollywood. HIT

Tera Sarafa (ARA) – This song is catchy and should look good on screen, but is one of those songs you listen to today and forget about tomorrow. GOOD

Insha Allah (Himesh) – Remember Amin from Red? Well this is another version of that. The song starts off slow but then all of the sudden dholki beats start and Himesh starts screaming InshaAllah. And the screaming continues throughout the song. Himesh fans will be happy to hear a typical Himesh song after long time – and the others will want to bang their head on the wall.NOT BAD

Kola Laka Vellari (Himesh) – What the hell is Kola Laka Vellari? This song is like a milkshake when you dont have enough of one fruit. So you add a little bit of mangoes, a little bit of apples, a little bit of bananas, and a little bit of strawberries. At the end you get a horrible tasting milkshake. Similarly, this is mixture of a little bit of many Himesh songs put into a blender to make one bad song. BORE!

At the end of the day, this turns out to be a disappointing album. Himesh and Sajid/Wajid do nothing more than copy their own songs. The sad thing is Sajid/Wajid dont even have that many songs yet they have already started to recycle. Anand Raj Anand on the other hand does a good job. He gives one very good song (Uncha Lamba) and one not bad song (Tera Sarafa). And Katrina Kaif is sexy.

FINAL VERDICT – 6 out of 10.

By Editor on 25 November, 2007
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