» Music Review: Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama

Music Review: Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama

By Editor


Music Director: Siddarth – Suhaas

Lyrics: Kumaar

Star Cast: Anupam Kher, Neha Dhupia, Rajpal Yadav

rama rama kya hai drama

First thought that comes to mind is who is Siddarth – Suhaas? The cast, music director, and lyricist are so unappealing that you don’t really expect anything from this album. But because of this ‘not expecting anything’ mindset, you are able to be pretty satisfied with the end product.

Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama – Unfortunately there is a title song. Sung by Adnan Sami, the over the top lyrics try to be comical but wind up sounding rather foolish. This song is a complete waste. SKIP

Khwabon Se Nikal Ke – Sung by Alisha Chinai, these seems like a song that will probably appeal to females. This is not a bad song at all…but it just seems a bit girly. Actually, it sounds very girly. NOT BAD/WORTH A TRY

Dekha Tujhe Sau Martaba – When I initially heard this song, I thought it was composed by Pritam for sure (probably because of the ooo’s and o’s). But surprisingly it is not. This song is pretty good in parts, making it a decent listen. NOT BAD/DECENT

Laija Laija – Here is probably my favorite song of the album (keep in mind that is not saying much with an album such as this). The reason I like it is because it sounds like songs by Anu Malik in the late 90s. So much so that I was thinking Anu Malik may have been used as a guest composer in the album. But that is not the case! Whoever this singer Khusboo Jain is, she sounds pretty good. GOOD SHAADI SONG!… BUT NOT AS GOOD AS “MUJHE SAAJAN KE GHAR JAANA HAI” from “LAJJA”.

Yeh Faasle – It is reaching a point where a lot of Adnan Sami songs are starting to sound the same. This song reminded me of “Saathiya” from “Darling”. Anyhow the song is listenable because of the nice lyrics.GOOD/DECENT

6.5 OUT OF 10. The album is worth a try – especially considering the falling standards of music these days

By Editor on 30 November, 2007
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