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Movie Review: Yuvvraaj

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As predicted by me, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Yuvvraj is sinking like Titanic. Titanic might have taken some time to sink, but Yuvraj started to sink right from the first minute of its departure.

‘Warning: Watching Yuvvraj is injurious to your mental health’ was written all over the movie promos, but me being me took that hidden courage (yeah, I keep for moments like this) and ventured to watch Yuvvraj last night, because I wanted to know how a lavish budgeted movie can go wrong with wrong subject, treatment and actors.

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The movie is about three brothers, Anil Kapoor (the autistic), Salman Khan (arrogant and cunning) and Zayed Khan (arrogant but stupid). Yawn… I feel bored to write the rest of the story, so just google it if you are interested.

Subhash Ghai seems to be lost in his 80s Bollywood where over the top emotions, rona-dhona and buffoonery were the order of the day. I should inform Subhash Ghai that times have changed. Today’s audiences are intelligent, and they like either realistic or escapist cinema. So no room for his kind of over the top cry baby movies. And having 1000 chorus dancers in a song is not showmanship. Probably he needs to get some other title. What about RonaDhonaPaagalKhanaShip?

While watching the movie, sometimes it feels as if he has made the movie for Travel Channel. I read somewhere that locations in the movie are awesome, so you can watch it….well, if you are of that kind, let me leave you alone with European Travel Guide Yuvraaj.

Enough of bad direction… let’s speak about the star cast.

Salman Khan no doubt gave his 100%, but even his 100% is not enough to make a mark. And what’s up with his look? In every other scene he looks different… Sometimes looks like a teenager (I know that you can’t control your laughter) and at other times like a 55 yr old. Less said about his hair is better… Well, I can’t control… It seems that it took Subhash Ghai an eternity to shoot Yuvvraj, as Salman can be seen in a pony tail, ‘bad hair day’ and ‘color went wrong’ look. If you are thinking that the looks were in an order, you are wrong, because these looks come randomly in the movie. One scene pony tail….next scene short hair….again pony tail….get the picture? And Salman wears those trademark Subhash Ghai movies caps…I don’t even know what they are called, and have no interest to know either. Man….I got to stop here because Salman Khan Fans are already looking furiously at me.

Anil KapoorZayed Khan and Mithun Chakraborthy (yeah, even he is there) did their part, but who cares? Do you? So skip…

The only saving grace is Katrina Kaif who looked angelic. Yep, off late she is looking like that…first it was in Hello, and now in Yuvvraj. No…I’m not going to talk about her acting as you already know what I would say.

A R Rahman tries his bit to save the movie with some soothing music. Yippee…finally something positive about the movie.

Are you asking me ‘what is the verdict’? You got to be kidding me!
Anyways, let me write the closing line: Yuvvraj is only for those who have time travelled to the 80s.

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By Editor on 24 November, 2008
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