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Movie Review: Showbiz

By Editor


welcomeMovie Title: Showbiz

Star Cast: Tushar Jalota, Mrinalini Sharma and Gulshan Grover

Director: Raju Khan

Producer: Mukesh Bhatt

Music Director: Lalit Pandit

Banner: Vishesh Film’s Ltd

Sometimes after watching a film you ask yourself – why did I just watch this? This is the question I had in my mind after watching Showbiz.

I will not say that the movie is entirely bad. There are some good parts. Kind of.

The movie is about a pop sensation named Rohan, played by the newcomerTushar Jalota. Just what the industry needs, another Tushar.

Rohan the superstar sings mediocre songs (composed by Lalit Pandit) yet he is extremely popular and has many fans. Since this is a Bollywood film he is also in love with his manager, played by Mrinalini Sharma. For those of you who don’t remember, she is the actress from Awaarapan (which was a good film from the Bhatt camp).

The paparazzi are the villains in the movie. And they are after poor Rohan. Every step he takes, every move he makes. He is being watched, videotaped, or snapped in a photo. Makes you kind of wonder what happened to the other stars in India? Or does this movie take place in a time when Rohan is the only star? Bechaara.

The movie does get a bit interesting towards the middle. Rohan has a prostitute in the car with him and is being chased by the paparazzi who are videotaping him with their camcorder. In an effort to get away, Rohan’s car crashes and flips over a couple of times. The bloody Rohan falls out from the upside-down car. But don’t worry folks, he will be out of the hospital and walking by tomorrow afternoon.

The film tries to build suspense on the basis of why Rohan had the prostitute in his car. But unless you have never seen an Indian movie before, it will be obvious that she is his sister. No suspense there!

The world turns against Rohan and he refuses to talk to anybody. All he has to do is tell people what really happened. But he keeps quiet for some reason that is not explained in the movie.

The way Rohan decides to get revenge at the end is ridiculous…

…and so is the movie.

4 out of 10. The film just doesn’t work!

By Editor on 6 January, 2008
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