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Movie Review: Go is Pure Trash

By Editor


Nisha Kothari - GoWe are no critics, but even we can say that GO is pure trash. Useless hero, super useless heroine, super-duper useless script… Ram gopal verma needs a mental checkup ASAP. Watch Go only if you like to test your patience, and we guarantee that you will not last more than 30 minutes.

We collected reviews from various websites for you.

Indiafm says: Ramgopal Varma may’ve seen the biggest of flops, but you could never raise a finger at him for making an outdated, ghisa-pita, hackneyed, 1980s masala film. But with GO, directed by Manish Srivastava, RGV hits an all-time low.

Really, what were the director and his team of writers thinking when they made this apology of a film? Most importantly, how did RGV okay this script? Wait… is there a script in the first place? Read more..

Rediff says: Just how repellent is Go? Well, the answer is that it is so incredibly bad that after watching it, you’ll need to bathe in 10 litres of dettol, get a full body scrub and shampoo with vinegar to remove the scummy residue that remains. Some movies leave a bad taste in the mouth. This one will make you Go to the hospital.

If I told you that the entire plot consisted of two people (newcomer Gautam Gupta and Nisha Kothari  trying to look sexy and pretending to be involved in a murder mystery, you’d wonder how director Manish Srivastava got a break in the film industry! Read more..

RadioSargam says: Simple and Straight – The award for the biggest disaster from the RGV camp goes to ‘Go’. Credits goes to the technical team and the actors who made this uphill task possible.

Ram Gopal Varma needs to introspect his decision making skills, as what I saw in ‘Go’ had nothing comparable to the RGV standards of film making. The lost script, the loose direction added with the elements of tragic acting performances makes ‘Go’ a strict No.

Lets look at the weird…err weirdest storyline! Read more..

By Editor on 6 October, 2007
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