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Movie Review: Ghajini

By Editor


Ghajini is already declared a Blockbuster… thanks to the buzz Aamir Khan created around the movie.

Let’s see whether the buzz is justified or not.

Note – I have seen the original version (Tamil), so I’m bound to compare them. By now everyone knows the story of Ghajini, so I’m not going to write here.

No doubt Aamir Khan has given a terrific performance, but he beating 10 guys at one time is completely over the top. At one point in the movie, I thought that the makers should have roped in Sunny Deol and titled it Gadar – 2.

Hope Aamir Khan does not send Ghajini to the Oscars, because all the respect he got from them will be washed out in no time.

I was expecting a lot from Asin, because the only thing I liked in the Tamil version was her…I liked her dialogue delivery, her peppiness and the overall character… but she disappointed me big time. Her Hindi is not up to the mark… most importantly her dialogue delivery is not even close to what she did in Tamil. These days we get loads of Tamil and Telugu movies dubbed in Hindi… have you heard them speak? They sound ridiculous… I wonder why they don’t get professional native Hindi dubbing artists. Coming back to Asin, she sounds like them. Hope she improves on that in her upcoming movie London Dreams. Anyways, her acting is strictly average.

Jiah Khan has a small role to play, and she looks as plastic as she was in Nishabd. Sometimes such things work because the opposite actor (Aamir Khan) gets the brownie points. Poor girl does not even get to feature in a full length item number. The song ‘Lattoo’ starts… within a minute the focus shifts to action and the song is lost.

Pradeep Rawat, who also played the villain in Tamil version, is perfect.

A.R. Murugadoss should stick to Tamil movies because such movies won’t work in Bollywood. There are too many loopholes in his direction. Ghajini is getting so much buzz just because it stars Aamir Khan.

Another disappointment came in the form of A R Rahman. I expected a lot from the maestro, but he gave some very ordinary tracks. The original version’s music (composed by Harris Jayaraj) sounds like a classic comparing to this.

Music Review: Ghajini

The movie belongs to the action genre and it scores in that department… thanks to Aamir Khan’s Hulk look and rage.

Parents should take extra caution taking their kids to watch the movie, because it has some gruesome violence.

Final thought: If you like Sunny Deol kind of movies or Aamir Khan, you would love Ghajini, else it would be an average watch.

By Editor on 27 December, 2008
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