» Movie Review: Bal Hanuman 2 3D (2010)

Movie Review: Bal Hanuman 2 3D (2010)

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Bal Hanuman 2 3D – Great fun for kids

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Rating: 3 out of 5*

Director: Pankaj Sharma

Bal Hanuman 2 film comes with a double blast of action and excitement with even more dangerous and powerful demons to vanquish. Full of action adventure and at the same time innocent and full of joyful pranks by the little lord, the film has everything that a kid would want to see.

The film is about how Bal Hanuman goes about vanquishing conniving demons that appear in the form of vultures, elephants and crocodiles to create disturbance on the earth. At the same time since being a kid, he does not know the value and strength of his powers and tends to over use them at times. How the little lord learns that he should not misuse his powers when the Rishi muni curses him and how he gathers knowledge of the entire universe from the Sun Lord forms the rest part of the movie.

With kids as its sole targets, the film doesn’t bother with much of a plot. Director Pankaj Sharma who had earlier given us animated versions of Bal Ganesh and Bal Ganesh 2, this time comes with new exciting adventures of baby Hanuman in his childhood days. This is the first 3D animated version but director Pankaj Sharma has done a very commendable job. He has put the 3D effects to good use by giving the little hero a lot of flying and jumping and leaping to do, and keeping things on the move. The 3D effects come literally alive and you end up dodging spears, and closing your eyes when a bird flaps right near your face or stones are hurled by the little god in his attempt to save the earth from conniving demons.

Sanjay Dhakan’s music goes with fun mood of the film.

The voices given to the animated characters especially to Bal Hanuman are very cute.

It is a perfect gateway for your kids to spend few hours of their summer holidays.

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 14 May, 2010
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