“Jab We Met” Movie Review

“Jab We Met” Movie Review

By Editor


After failing numerous times, the unsuccessful jodi (real and reel life) give it one more try. Luckily this time they come away with a winner – despite the fact that this may be a collection of ideas from other movies. But then again, aren’t all Bollywood films like that?

So as soon as you put in the DVD, you already know one thing – at the end Shahid and Kareena will get married. But to find out the rest you have to watch the film! But unfortunatley some questions remain unanswered:

– Why is every (wealthy) hero the son of a businessman? And in some part of the film he has to take over and save the falling business. Why can’t a hero be something like a doctor? Or a politician? Computer engineer? Is businessman the only way to get rich?

– Does Kareena live in a house or a small city? Why does the heroine have 1/5 of the Punjabi population living in her residence when the hero has nobody? Oh yeah he does have a mom but she doesn’t count in this movie.

– Shahid Kapoor is not only the son of a wealthy businessman, but he has an amazingly talented singer also. Good to know that even if he didn’t already have all that money, I’m sure he could have made an excellent living by using his singing talents. Can you beleive he can make his voice change for the occasion! Sometimes he sounds like Sonu Nigam, sometimes he sounds like Shaan, and he can even sound like Mika Singh. How does he do it??

– Why is the climax so long?

Kareena and Shahid surprisingly do excellent acting in the film. Who knew they were capable of acting? Kareena has done this type of role numerous times before, but Shahid Kapoor really impressed. The story may be cliche but sweet nonetheless. It is one of the better love stories you will see nowadays.

7.5 out of 10 (Good)

By Editor on 18 November, 2007
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