Movie Review of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal

Its an Average Goal!

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Goal (Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal) is the movie everyone was waiting after the super success of Chak De India.

Does Goal live up to the expectations?

Goal is an average entertainer and should be taken that way. If you try to find the realism you saw in Chak De India, you would sure be disappointed.

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Think of sports-based films made in India and visuals of LAGAAN andCHAK DE INDIA flash across your mind. Will DHAN DHANA DHAN GOAL fall in the same league as these immensely popular flicks, is one vital question that crosses your mind as the reels of UTV’s new sport-based film [their second this year, after HATTRICK] DHAN DHANA DHAN GOAL are about to unfold.

GOAL is a simple story that packs not just the sport, but also dabbles with issues like racism and fanaticism associated with this sport. Issues that Westerners can relate to more than Indians, especially racial discrimination.

As a film, GOAL has its share of highs and lows. If the first hour is strictly okay, the pendulum swings in its favor in the second hour — in the last 20 minutes, to be precise. The sport succeeds in arousing patriotic feelings, besides involving the viewer in the fight-to-finish finale. Read More..


Remember when Saif Ali Khan played the guitar for Parikrama? It was a nice gimmick, with Saif doing just about okay but backed up by a solid rock act, and everyone more pleasantly amused than impressed. Except for giggly Saif-groupies, who went into obvious paroxysms of oh-he-can-do-this-too joy.

Similarly — since apparently every actor’s extracurricular talents must be lauded — John Abraham can juggle a football well. Which is why a couple of scenes in his latest film, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, are watchable: they’re standard-issue Pepsi-advertisement style shots, with John and a bunch of talented kids playing stunt soccer while calling each other by legendary nicknames. Clap, clap. Read More..


Year 2007 has witnessed a whole revamped arena of stories being told, which have emphasized on a dramatic journey of dreams, relationships, bonds and honour with a pinch of sport?

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal is a UTV Motion Pictures release and is in the news from the pre production days, thanks to the rumors related to fall out between the Kabul Express stars, John and Arshad.

Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, Goal is set in the light of an optimistic trait known as hope. The film is the story of a football club which raises above all bars to regain its place in stardom.

Southhall United is a football club which is going through a major hurdle – unavailability of stars, lacks of funds, spectators and most importantly, there is no coach. Though, all these miseries don’t stop them from dreaming about the cup.

Anne, head of city council joins with Johny Bakshi, a sports commentator, in order to get hold of a large piece of land that belongs to the club. They pressurize the club by emphasizing on its uninspiring and lackluster performances. The two, hope that the team loses yet again, which will give them an opportunity to take away the land from the club. Read more…


By Editor on 24 November, 2007
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