» Vivek rushes to stay away from Salman

Vivek rushes to stay away from Salman

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Vivek’s weird and embarrassing encounters with Salman Khan have not been hidden from the public eye. Repeated attempts of apologizing and creating a friendly atmosphere with Salman have almost gone in vain for this Prince.

vivek oberoi

Vivek would not have had an opportunity to have a microscopic look in his vanity van until recently when he was locked up in his vanity van while in a good proximity with Salman. After being alerted about Salman’s presence, Vivek locked himself up for a good 75 minutes in his vanity van to avoid an encounter with Sallu. Having finished his performance for a show, Vivek was returning to change when he was told about Salman’s presence by his pal’s. Salman before moving towards the stage stopped for some chit chatting with his friends just before the grand finale. Although Vivek had to leave to party with his friends, he preferred staying in his vanity van counting every minute of the clock.

Salman’s mood swings have always been amusing with the media but Vivek after his famous clash with Salman has not really made it to Salman’s good books despite a lot of attempts in the past. Vivek now sure has learnt that staying away is a better idea than diving into anymore trouble. On this instance, Vivek’s manager Raj said that Vivek left on time from the venue as he had to attend a gathering and Salman came later after Lara and Shahid’s performance so there was no scope of confrontation. Well it’s not that difficult to guess the truth but this is how our Salman is, either friends or foes!

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 4 May, 2010
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