Vivek Oberoi distraught after Nityanand Scandal | All celebrities are trying to disassociate themselves from Swami

Vivek Oberoi distraught after Nityanand Scandal

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After the Swami Nityanand sex scandal thickened with the emergence of another sleaze video showing the Swami with Tamil actress Yuvarani, a majority of his disciples, both from Bollywood and the South Indian film industries, have been trying to disassociate themselves from him.

Vivek Oberoi was one of the Swami’s disciples and had been his follower from 2005, after his aunt introduced him to the spiritual guru. Now, Vivek too is trying to distance himself from the Swami.

According to sources, Vivek had been meeting the Swami regularly for a few years now. He, like all of the Swami’s believers, was shocked when the scandal emerged. Vivek had been floored by the Swami when he first met him because he found it surprising that someone who was as young as Nithyanand could be an influential spiritual leader.

Vivek had nicknamed Nithyanand ‘cool dude swami’. He mainly met the Swami at the latter’s ashram in Bidadi, near Bangalore. He also kept in touch with him through phone and text messages.

Vivek admits that he had a wonderful learning experience at the spiritual workshop at the ashram. He states that he has only met the Swami twice though. The actor doesn’t wish to comment on the scandal until everything is clear.

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 27 March, 2010
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