Photos of Twinkle Khanna at Shefali Shah Party

Twinkle Khanna Sleepwalking

By Editor


Here’s a picture of Akshay Kumar’s wife and former Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna from a party thrown by Shefali Shah. The party was attended by few other Bollywood celebrities including the current sensation Katrina Kaif.

twinkle khanna

Is Twinkle Khanna sleepwalking? May be there are so many parties thrown in the page 3 circuit that Twinkle is sleepwalking through them. I guess Shefali Shah must have splashed a glass of cold water on Twinkle’s face to wake her up.  Okay, okay, enough of leg pulling. Probably it must have been a camera flash that made twinkle to close her eyes for a second.

[photo via bollyone]

By Editor on 8 May, 2008
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