» The “Ridunkulous” Priyanka Chopra

The “Ridunkulous” Priyanka Chopra

By Lipika Varma


Priyanka Chopra talks about being techno-savvy, her peers, her filmy-career, her family, social work and more

From “Twitter” to “Facebook” ,Priyanka Chopra is all set to enthrall the audiences by going live on her official website- “I am Priyanka” Well! This is going to be a special site where one can know about her films, Priyanka Chopra’s favorite wardrobe to her favorite shoes. But Apart from all the happenings about her she has devoted a special space to social cause. Her Foundation for the social causes will be taking off very soon.

priyanka chopra

“Yes! I have designed my website with vibrant colors as I am fond of different colors. I have my own vocabulary set up according to my convenience giving examples she adds, I like to write/use- “Ridunkulous” – for ridiculous.  I have also my pet dog Brando with me out there. I love to twitter, go on face book and now will go on my website regularly without any hitch. Infact, I’m “Techno-Savvy.” She gushes enthusiastically.

Divulging details about, how she missed on her favorite stars as a child she adds,” I remember, I was very crazy about Shahrukh Khan. I liked him right from his film “Chamatkar” but I could not get more of him. Also people from different regions can not get accessibility to their stars. Hence I have a separate space for my fans. “Talking about helping the needy she says,” My site can be a help to the needy. All that ,we will do is sort out the genuine cause, for which my team will work on it.

When quizzed showcasing everything about yourself, what is that exclusive stuff that you will not like to share with all of us? Pat comes the reply,” I have never been too keen on sharing my personal life as such. So that remains exclusively to me…. Me… and only Me.”

Hmmmm…So no peeping tom about your too personal life will be allowed? a precise reply, from the Diva,” No.”

Priyanka has come a long way, in the short span of her filmy career she has achieved a lot. What more will she look forward too? Yes! You are right; yes! My career graph has been on the rise.  I fell on my knees, I have fumbled, tumbled but I have learnt my ways. The only thing I was keen on is, that I preferred working day in and day out. Learning is a never ending process. So with every film I have learnt my lessons and have tried to work on my shortcomings.”

Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, Website, Films… so many things in one go. Work and no play, will turn Priyanka a dull gal. Comment. Not at all, women are known for multi tasking. And for me work and pleasure go together. I enjoy my work and it is all fun for me.”

Surprisingly the “beauty and brain that Priyanka is, She hates to dress up,” Ya! I do not like to dress up. But the field I belong to, demands that, being a female actor, I need to dress up gracefully.  However, I would love to come dressed in my pyjamas, but you guys will again not like it and write negative things about me. Slowly and gradually I have learnt about fashion.  Although, being Miss India / Ms. World  I did not know even the “F” of fashion. I remember when I was commented negatively on my dressing sense; I decided to improve on it. I hate shopping. Gushes Priyanka”

Talking good about her peers she says,” Although I and Kathrina debut together me with “Aitraaz and she with “Boom. What I admire about her is that she has worked a lot, especially on her language. She is a self made actress. Deepika has both a beautiful face and a fabulous body. Not forgetting Kareena she adds,” Kareena is really a good actress and also very beautiful. “

Well all good things! what about feeling jealous of some of the peers and also the cat fight? Smiles,” I do not entertain any cat fights. And I am not jealous of any actor. And why should I feel jealous I am contented with whatever I have achieved. In this short stint of 6 to 7 years of my bollywood career I have worked with the best of banners.

Talking about a weird fan from Bihar she updates,” I remember one of my fans came into my house. He referred to Neeta Lula and hence my mom entertained him. He sat down with my paternal grandma sipped a cup of tea with her. A little later my mom realized that he was not being able to answer to some of her queries that is when we realized that he just came in as he was my fan.”

We also hear that you are interested in directing a film very soon? Well! If mom has quoted that, she has never told me about it. But I feel, Phele mein acting toh teek tarahen se seekh loon baad mein direction ke bare mein soonchege.”[Let me learn acting well. I shall think about direction at a later stage.”

Owing to her busy schedule, Priyanka is unable to be with her parents most of the time she confesses,” Yeah! My father misses me always. Every time he meets me, he says,” Mera Bachcha itna bada hogaya hai.[My child is grown up]” I try to make up for dinner with my family. I do miss them a lot. “

Finally, about helping the children on personal level she says,” Undoubtedly, I love to help girls, but I am not gender biased.  I will give aid to all the Children [boys/girls] only after my team has decided on the priority of their needs as well as the genuinity of the cause. The aid will be for their education, medical needs and other essentials for livelihood…”

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 24 August, 2010
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