Shah Rukh Khan in I hate Luv Storys!

SRK in I hate Luv Storys!

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shahrukh khanSo what if not physically, we will surely get to hear his voice in the film. SRK is known to be a lucky charm for KJO and when the duo comes together, it’s the sign of a hit. Even though SRK does not feature in the film, news has it that Shahrukh will be lending his voice to the Ranbir – Sonam starrer I Hate Luv Storys.

Shahrukh has earlier done the voice for the Hindi version of The Incredibles for the character of Mr. Lajawaab (Mr. Incredible) but is not very keen on doing voice overs and has rejected quite a few directors in the past. But it seems that KJO is surely an exception and SRK just cannot refuse this friend for anything. A source from the film says that it was a last minute decision as KJO was looking for a simple voice narration and since he shared a good rapport with King Khan, he made the choice. SRK will be doing the first five minute narration for the film while introducing the lead cast.

The film is a romantic comedy in which Imran plays the character of Jay, an assistant director who hates love stories, opposite Sonam who plays the role of a production designer and is fascinated by love stories. The film looks fresh and has a lot of references from Shahrukh’s films and therefore his voice becomes even more significant. SRK is surely a multi talented powerhouse. Hope that this lucky charm’s voice sure does some magic for the film.

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 24 May, 2010
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