» Sonam Kapoor’s character in Thank You based on Sania Mirza

Sonam Kapoor’s character in Thank You based on Sania Mirza

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Tennis star Sania Mirza is one of the most-talked about names at present, with news about her engagement and impending marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik doing the rounds. This has led to a film based on her life. Anees Bazmee’s film Thank You will have Sonam Kapoor playing a character who is very similar to Sania. Thank You will start rolling in Canada in mid-April.

Sonam’s character is that of a pretty, young tennis player who falls in love with a guy, who turns out to be very wrong for her so she turns back from it before it gets too late. This bears a similarity to Sania’s engagement with Sohrab Mirza which was called off.

According to director Anees Bazmee, Akshay Kumar, who plays the male lead in the film, plays a playboy-like character, who is dating 30-35 girls at the same time. He gives up on flirting when he meets Sonam but he’s not serious about her either.

Although the director dodges the question of whether Sonam’s character is based on Sania Mirza, he states that Sonam will be trained by a tennis coach in Canada so that she looks professional and not amateurish.

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By Editor on 1 April, 2010
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