“Single mother status not considered as a taboo in foreign countries” Barbara Mori

“Single mother status not considered as a taboo in foreign countries” Barbara Mori

By Lipika Varma


Barbara Mori needs no introduction, A Mexican personality who has turned into an over night threat to the bollywood Divas. No prizes …for guessing as you’ll are aware of the fact that this Mexican heroine attracted the attention of one and all for her alleged link up with the heart throb-Hrithik Roshan. She is the main lead in Anuraag Basu’s film “Kites” with her first bollywood stint, she has turned crazy about the Indian culture, the scenic plush locales of Goa Indian films, and above all she loves the Roshans.

barbara mori

Barbara discloses all about her likes dislikes, love-hate relationships, films and one person close to her heart, creation of marks on the skin, status of unwed  single mother, etc –In a heart to heart rendezvous with Lipika Varma

‘Well! I was more than happy, excited and privileged to be working with the Roshans We came to know that they were looking for me to cast in their film so my manager Oscar called them and that’s how I got to be working with them.”

Unveiling a brief know-how about herself  Barbara says,” I was born in Uruguay, grown up in Japan and studied in Mexico. I was keen on teaching kids so at my initial stage I would teach the kids. I also worked as a waitress. At the age of 17, I switched to modeling. I have done few soap operas.”

We coax her to tell us when did she first fall in love….blushingly she confirms, ”At the age of fourteen. But then I broke off as I think this was just infatuation. Later at the age of 17 I fell in love again but I broke of coz he was a bad guy. Generally all men are the same. I am an emotional person and if I fall in love I am sincere to him. I am very honest person so I can not stand wrong people in my life. I feel in a relationship trust is more important. I trust people very easily. Probably my judgment goes wrong. I think I fail to understand wrong people.”

Switching further to single mother status she compares the difference of acceptance by the two varied cultures,” I feel in foreign countries single mother status is not considered as a taboo. A single mother status in India is not appreciated. More so an unwed mother status is totally looked down upon. Being   a single mother I have nurtured my 12 years old Sergio all alone. I enjoy a respectable status. I’m not married.[an unwed mother].”

Updating further about the most important person in her life she discloses secretly,” My son Sergio is very close to my heart. He is being brought up by my mother. Whenever I am free from my work I like to spend much of my time with him and my family.” Turning philosophical she adds,” I never like to shout at my kid if he has misbehaved. We need to make them understand softly and sweetly.”

How would she rate herself as a mother? I will not say that I’m a perfect mother. But ya I’m friendly to my son. I consider the love of a mother towards her kids as the most pious and without expecting any returns. We need to be friendly to our kids and should get them acquainted to right and wrong things in a very subtle manner.”

Furnishing details on  doing films and the specific genre she adds,” I would love to be working for films all over the World.  Right from Argentina, Spain and Bollywood which is a vast industry .I will surely like to do films here. I will undoubtedly love to do a suspense drama in my near future.  I have been offered a role by Anuraag Basu but I have yet not read the script.

Well! What is her take on love and emotions?” For me love is important. I love people honestly. Surprisingly to honor my beautiful moments of love spent with people I make artistic impressions [black marks-small tattoos]  on my body. And whenever I look at those marks I am reminded of those lovely moments spent with them.” Showing her right fist- a mark on the right hand side she confirms, ”This  is for Rakesh Roshan while towards the left side of the right fist the sign is for Hrithik and his wife Susane. We three inserted this mark into our skin together. On the top of her left fist –the mark is for Anuraag Basu. Lifting her toes she says,” look I have a snake mark too around my ankle. I preferably mark my skin so that I can sit down and refresh my precious moments until long.”

Refreshing her memory about a crying scene she funnily expresses as to how the make up artist wanted her to use glycerin.” I had to cry in a scene and this girl showed me a bottle of glycerin and was after my life to use it. I told her simply,’ yes! I know I need to cry, do not worry I shall fill the tub.  After the shot Rakesh Roshan came to be and said,” fantastic shot, how you could manage tears without the glycerin.”
Barbara is pretty excited for she has performed some stunts by herself,” Yeah! I did perform few stunts by my self but for few dangerous ones; Rakesh did not permit me to do them

She further adds on a sad note,” I have performed dances too. But all my dances have been edited from the film. Probably I may have not danced well.”

Appreciating Hrithik’ good will Barbara expresses her gratitude and quips,” He was like my translator. He helped me understand the dialogues’ and translated the dialogues for me. “ On a funny note she adds,” Anuraag would go on explaining everyone in Hindi and whenever I would ask him to explain me in English he would say,” I’m explaining in English only.”

She regrets her short stay in India.” I shall come back and then travel all over India. I shall go to watch specially the “Taj Mahal “. At the moment I have only visited various locations in Goa as we were shooting there. I am fascinated by the scenic plush locales of Goa.”

Regretfully she informs us,” I had to diet rigorously as I had to remain sleek and prim. I hate going to the gym. But what to do? I have do adhere to strict dieting regime.”

Having worked with Indian men and knowing the Indian men she likes to give a piece of mind to men belonging to her country,” I just want the men belonging to my country to turn as affectionate and warm as the Indian men. Oh! The Indian men definitely spread warmth and are caring.”
Her message to one and all is- “no matter what you become big or small remain honest. Educate one and all to be sincere. Love and respect everyone from within the heart. For me my heart is like a flag as it will always pursue and promote honesty.”

Kites”, is all set to be released by Reliance BIG Pictures May 21.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 12 May, 2010
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