» Shahid’s hopes lie on ‘Badmaash Company’ now

Shahid’s hopes lie on ‘Badmaash Company’ now

By Editor


‘But then we should be able to sail through after accounting DVD and satellite sales’

Looking at the way makers are coming up with this statement week after week (sometimes even months before the release, as Himesh Reshammiya did in case of ‘Radio’), one wonders if producers have stopped worrying completely about theatrical sales. Of course for big films, it is imperative that there are good foot falls in theaters. But when it comes to smaller films like ‘Phoonk 2’, there is so much of dependency (and comfort) when it comes to eventual recovery of amount spent in making them.

This is why even as ‘Phoonk 2’ nets close to Rs. 5 Crores in it’s opening week, there don’t seem to be many regrets. The film is all set to fold up at collections that would be lesser than the first in the series. Still, some decent money coming in from a one week run has ensured that recovery won’t be a problem. A coverage affair, ‘Phoonk 2’ has managed to safeguard itself to some extent but in the process has also made a declaration loud and clear that Indian audiences are no more in mood to bear any sub standard or routine affair. Yes, it is always maintained that horror is a safe genre to explore but looking at the way ‘Phoonk 2’ has folded up, it is obvious that expectations are far higher now. Even this genre needs a reinvention. Sooner it happens, better it would be for the industry.

As for ‘Paathshaala’, it has surprised with managing face saving collections at least at the end of first week. With close to 10 crores coming in, it is not a total disaster that one had expected it to after a pathetic first day response and even worse reviews coming it’s way. Yet again, the losses would be minimal though the film being a Shahid Kapoor starrer means that makers would be able to sell the DVD and satellite rights at reasonable costs at least.

With the release of the film, Shahid is now through with his backlog (one can pardon him if and when ‘Milenge Milenge’ releases; it is way too dated after all) and all eyes are now set on his ‘Badmaash Company’. This film would be his most important release after ‘Kaminey’. If it doesn’t work, it would be a long road to walk for Shahid once again because ‘Mausam’ is the only other film that he currently has in hands.

-Rudhir Burman / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 26 April, 2010
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