Shahid Kapoor goes back to school | Spent quality time with Kids | Paathshaala

Shahid Kapoor goes back to school

By Editor


Shahid Kapoor who has a huge fan following among the kids recently visited Beacon High School in Khar and spent some quality time with the kids there while promoting his forthcoming movie ‘Paathshaala’.

The kids from Beacon High had a blast with Shahid while they quizzed him about his favorite things – his fav car, cricketer, etc. Shahid also shared with the kids some of his school secrets, of how he would be punished for his mischievous deeds.

In an interesting role reversal session, the kids asked Shahid some 5th grade questions and dictations which the actor willing answered. From telling jokes to talking about his favorite IPL team, Shahid had all the kids hooked on to him for a good hour.

The wonderful session ended with Shahid giving away music CD’s of ‘Paathshaala’ to the kids. The fabulous dancer couldn’t have left without teaching the kids some of his moves from the film which left the kids asking for more.

Well, after meeting the kids at their school, Shahid must have surely remembered his own Paathshaala days.

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 1 April, 2010
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