Shahid Kapoor is not only popular among the women but also favourite among kids

Shahid Kapoor a favourite among kids

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Shahid Kapoor is not only popular among the women folk but has a huge fan following among the kids too.

And this was more than evident on the sets of Eros International’s forthcoming ‘Paatshaala’. We hear that the large number of kids who were a part of the star cast were in complete awe of the actor and would be thoroughly excited everytime he’d be on the sets.

A source form the sets says that the kids would eagerly wait for Shahid to come to the shoot in order to spend some time with him and would instantly flock around Shahid the moment he’d arrive.

Shahid, who plays a school teacher in the movie, used to love all the attention and would also have a lot of fun with the kids during the shoots. With his charm & cute boyish appeal, Shahid definitely won their hearts.

Well with Shahid showering all his attention on kids, we hope his female fans aren’t feeling a little left out!

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 7 April, 2010
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