Shabana Azmi’s Weight Fluctuation for Gurinder Chadha Landed Her in Hospital

Shabana Azmi’s Weight Fluctuation for Gurinder Chadha Landed Her in Hospital

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After a four-day-long stay in Jaslok Hospital, Shabana Azmi is back and finally without pain. It was the membrane under her ear that caused her to suffer from an acute pain and landed her in hospital.

What is not known is that this is one more near-catastrophic aftermath of her weight-enhancement for Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. Ever since she burdened herself with extra 35 kilos to look like a well-fed Punjabi housewife in Chadha’s film, Shabana has fallen prey to health problems.

Shabana Azmi

Who would have thought the latest complication would land her in hospital?

Though Shabana while resting at home maintains a diplomatic I-am-now-fine stance, she continues to be vulnerable to illnesses. After her latest health complication, she isn’t allowed to use the cellphone for some time.

Shabana’s husband Javed Akhtar says, “The doctors said that the pain was caused by a membrane imbalance triggered off by a drastic gain and loss of weight.”

Everyone knows Shabana was required to gain those kilos and then had to go through hell trying to shed them because of various weight-related health complications. Having nearly got back to her original shape and size, Shabana may now have to confront health ailments associated with drastic weight loss.

The membrane imbalance triggered off the worst pain suffered by Shabana in her life till date.

“And for what? The worst film of her career?” a close friend asked caustically.

Adnan Sami who has undergone drastic weight loss says the body goes through tremendous pressure once it starts losing the flesh. He says, “It’s called body shock. The appetite remains because when you become fat, the stomach also expands. But when you lose the weight, the stomach remains in the same size, so it has to be filled with non-fattening food. I don’t know whether Shabana took expert advice before gaining and losing that much weight. She should have.”

Adnan consulted nutritionists who advised him to go on a high-protein diet. “I could eat as much grilled chicken and other meat, even red meat, as I wanted. I was forbidden oily food and rice/bread. But it’s important to supplement your diet with the right food while losing weight drastically,” adds the veteran singer.

— Subhash K Jha/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 9 August, 2010
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