» Salman the Host and the Dost of Big Boss Season 4

Salman the Host and the Dost of Big Boss Season 4

By Lipika Varma


Salman Khan has gradually become the most sought out and the favourite amongst the Television viewers. His latest “Dabanng” look is not only making him look one of the sexiest man but his fans seem to be in awe with his look.

In a recent press meet many of his fans right from kids to grownups came up to him to take his autograph.
Amidts a lot of speculation ”Big Boss” Season 4 declared Salman as the boss. Ask him why was he chosen over Shahrukh Khan? He simply reverts back and says,” Simple, because you like me and the audiences want me. I connect well with the audiences.”

Salman Khan

Fine we steer further how will the Big Boss handle the contestants living inside the house? Was it his preposition? Pat comes the reply,” I can handle everyone from outside. In a better manner. I as a person would never like to be inside. Well! It was an understanding with the channel and also my compatibility would like be excellent from outside the house. I do not like to be constantly under the penetrating eyes of the cameras. Also I can connect comfortably from outside the house. I am also comfortable judging the personal life of the contestants because it is not my personal life,Adds Sallu jokingly.”

Trying to be modest and commenting about who would be the best boss-Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachchcan, or Salman himself he adds,” I only wish I come up to the level of Shilpa .Matching the levels of Amitabh Bachchan is difficult . Everyone has his own style. I do not think I can do KBC that well as Amitabh Bachchan hosts the show.

On a funny note he adds,” I am quite young now so comparison will not be justified.”

Working on big screen and coming down to small screen how does it feel? Infact we work for money even on the silver screen. Our movies are telecast on the television. No medium is big or small. It’s the work ,and work satisfaction which is important. Ask him what he likes in the previous season? He replies” Vindu rote huve aache lage.[Vindu looked great while shedding some tears.]

Salman seemed to be in a jolly mood so the media took the opportunity of asking who do you think is the real Big Boss of the filmdom? After pondering over for a while he says,” I am far from the political scenario. But my Big Boss is “My Father.”

Talking about the real competition in the bollywood Salman said,” Actually no competition is bad. Competitions should be taken in a healthy manner. One should not stoop down to uncouth levels. Healthy competitions surely bring out good results. I like to compete myself to my earlier performances and bring changes in it for betterment.”

Well! Will you bring Cluadia as any wild card entry? Aare Yar sidha sidha boloon na. Uska naam mere saath juda tha.[ ask in a straight forward manner why twisting and asking this. I know her name was linked with me. Laughs aloud.

Like last season Rakhi’s mom was brought in, No one knew her, She is not a celebrity, Will you repeat something similar to this? Let me tell you one thing. She is Rakhi’s mother and if her mother was not here in the world where from Rakhi would have come?” answers Salman Philosophically.

What will be his patent punch line? “ Break Toh Banta Hai Big Boss.” He quips.

Switching from Dus Kadam and changing hosts from one to the other he says laughingly” We are in the process of “swapping”.

Last but not the least will Salman make a huge moolah doing this show?

“ If you go to see, all the viewers can get to watch celebs’ free of cost on the television. I remember we used to finish all our pocket money in going to the cinema theatres, just to see our favourite heroes. But now with the advent of television your favourite heroes can be watched on the television sets while enjoying your dinner at home. Even you guys work to be paid..isn’t it? In the similar manner whatever we are paid for doing the job is worth the job. No question of any moolah as such” concludes Salman.

Is 4.5 the decent Amount? For Hosting BB Season 4 Sallu?

Sources reveal that Salman is charging an exorbitant amount of approximately 4.5 crs per episode, for the Big Boss Show Season 4. And every penny that he will charge will be going to the charity box of Being Human. Salman has earlier strived hard to serve the needy, especially the sick by paying off their medical charges. And many-a-times he had to paint canvas[painting is Sallu’s hobby] in order to raise the charity amount towards the medical expenses of the sick and the ailing persons. He would also feel sorry at times when his “Being Human” did not have enough amounts to offer the sick people.”

Now that offers from the television medium is pouring in unto the lap of Salman, hence he does not want to forgo such offers” updates our source.

We confirmed the charges per episode from the coo- Rajesh Kamat,” How can I tell you the amount in numerical? All I can tell you that Salman’s per episode charges towards the show is a decent amount.” So folks this leaves us pondering over is 4.5 the decent amount??

Lipika Verma

By Lipika Varma on 5 August, 2010
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