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Salman refuses young boy role

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Among the brigade of all of Bollywood’s 40-something actors, Salman Khan is being the honest one. He is no longer afraid to admit that he is too old to play a young boy. Ahmed Khan’s assistant, Abhishek Dogra approached him with a film offer and was politely turned down as Salman felt he was a little old for the role.

Abhishek narrated the story of his film to Salman at his residence at Galaxy Apartments in a one-and-a-half-hour long meeting. After Abhishek was done narrating the story to Salman, the latter asked him to cast a younger actor for the role.

According to sources, Salman’s rejection of the role may have something to do with the fact that it was a three-hero project and Salman didn’t appreciate the idea of sharing screen space with two other actors.

Though he didn’t take on the offer, Salman suggested that the ending of the script could be a little different and even gave his ideas. Abhishek agreed that Salman’s idea would make for a better climax and he is adding that to his script.

Abhishek sincerely hopes he can work with Salman sometime in future, despite having just lost out on a chance to do so. He is very thankful to the actor for his suggestions to the script.

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 20 April, 2010
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