» Salman Khan is The New Paul of the Movies

Salman Khan is The New Paul of the Movies

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Paul the Octopus created a worldwide stir with his accurate predictions for the World Cup matches.

But nearer home it is Salman the rockstar who is rapidly building up a reputation for his accurate prophecies on the Twitter.

Ever since Salman started tweeting he has been regularly recommending one film or another. And the ones that he has so far recommended have all been successes.

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It started first with Raajneeti. One of Salman’s first tweets was in favour of the film, although he had not seen it. Raajneeti became the first blockbuster of 2010.

Then, came Salman’s tweets on debutant Punit Malhotra’s I Hate Luv Storys. That too jelled with the audience. Lately Salman has been gung-ho about another debutant Abhishek Sharma’s Tere Bin Laden, apparently because the producer Pooja Shetty is one of his pals. That too has been very well- received.

What is the aftermath of Salman the soothsayers’s soothing recommendations? Brother Arbaaz Khan is now sure that the tweet-magic would work for their home production. Without informing Arbaaz, Salman has already started posting images and comments on Dabangg on the social network.

Laughs Arbaaz, “If Salman’s recommendations worked for three films so far, why not for us? We seem to have a resident soothsayer. And I plan to make maximum use of him.”

Arbaaz admits Salman has started his Twitter campaign for Dabangg a little prematurely. “He has been going around taking pictures on the sets and putting them on Twitter. It shows his enthusiasm for the film. I am happy to have Salman on my side. Dabangg is a very important release for Salman. He has no other release this year. We want him to visit non-metropolitan cities for promotion, since Dabangg is set in a small North Indian town.”

As for his uninterrupted luck on Twitter Arbaaz laughs,”I think more producers need to have Salman on their side, if the industry is to have more hits.”

–Subhash K Jha/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 9 August, 2010
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