» Salman is full of inputs, advice and inspiration – Sonakshi Sinha

Salman is full of inputs, advice and inspiration – Sonakshi Sinha

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The transition from being a fashion designer to a debutante opposite Bollywood superstar Salman Khan happened so fast that the gorgeous Sonakshi Sinha is still short for words.

Sonakshi who plays the coy Rajo in Dabangg considers herself extremely lucky to be part of the project .

Sonakshi Sinha

“Most people opt for the glamour way to begin with but the role of Rajo was something I couldn’t refuse. Dabangg has been a perfect platform for me and very few people get that in their very first film.” adds Sonakshi.

Arbaaz Khan Production’s Dabangg- the ultimate Hindi pulp entertainer was a dream come true for Sonakshi who calls the film a perfect package with just the right producer, director ,script and off course her co-star and mentor Salman Khan.

Says Sonakshi Sinha “Salman is an amazing co-star to have. Never once did he make me feel like a new comer. He is always full of inputs, advice and inspiration. Our families have known each other for a while now so the comfort level has always been there. He has always pushed me to better myself in every way, be it fitness, acting and even overall personality! Have to say, Dabangg was a whole lot smoother process for me because he was there as a mentor and guide.”

Overwhelmed with the response the promos of the film have generated adds Sonakshi “When I started shooting, the scale at which the film would turn out to be, didn’t occur to me at all. Halfway into it, I realized that this is just getting bigger and better. I have a great feeling about this film”

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By Editor on 9 August, 2010
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