» Salman Flaunts his Abs in Veer

Salman Flaunts his Abs in Veer

By Editor


After Aamir Khan’s beefed-up look in Ghajini, here is Salman Khan flaunting his bronze abs. This photo is from his upcoming movie Veer. From the promo photos it looks that Salman Khan plays a warrior from a different era. He can be seen holding a sword and a shield. Veer is directed by Gadar fame Anil Sharma and the story is written by Salman Khan himself.

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The problem with Salman Khan is that he is looking old. You can see the bags under his eyes. Nevertheless, his physic is looking absolutely stunning.

Bollywood has a very poor track record of period movies. We have seen some big movies with big stars sink like titanic in the recent past. Yep, I’m talking about SRK starrer Asoka, Aamir starrer Mangal Pandey, and very recently, Abhishek starrer Drona.
Let’s hope that Veer proves to be a Veer (warrior) at the box office.

By Editor on 1 November, 2008

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