Sachin-Jigar Rocks with Krantiveer Music

Sachin-Jigar Rocks with Krantiveer Music

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The musical duo Sachin-Jigar is here to offer you some melodious tracks with their second release, Krantiveer – The Revolution. They have proved their musical skill with their first solo album Teree Sang.

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The film is based on the dramatic affairs of the actors and do not require them to sing and dance around the trees. Krantiveer is not a musical movie at all as the name suggests but the association of Sachin-Jigar definitely promises some good music too. People would expect some fine musical scores from them after their brilliant performance in Tere Sang last year.

Expectations become higher when a veteran lyricit like Sameer is also associated with the album. The duo has kept the promise to their listeners as the first song ‘Khuda Mere Khuda’ ias a mushy romantic outing in the voice of the much known pair K.K. and Shreya Ghoshal. This song has a similarity with that of the Teree Sang.

The youngsters will have a rocking track for their party with the number ‘Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya’. In this song, a group of youngsters gather to pull the leg of ‘Chotu’, whose birthday celebrations are going on. The listeners will love to hit the floor again and again with this spirited fun filled number. The picturization of the song is also vibrant with the presence of personalities like Anushka Manchanda, Mika Singh, Hard Kaur, Neuman Pinto, Ishq Bector, Hrishikesh Kamerkar and Mahadev Krishna.

The situational feel of the hardcore rock track, ‘Lau Jali’ is created by Jigar himself. It might not be sung by everyone but it should add on to the narrative.

Sachin-Jigar tried to recreate the magic of ‘Billo Rani’ of Dhan Dhana Dhana Goal with their track ‘’Firangi Paani’ in Krantiveer. But this song by Anushka Manchanda and Master Saleem, probably cannot expect the same fame as it is restricted to a particular segment of the audience. The lyrics sound funny but the final score may not be loved by all.

However, we wish all the best to this duo so that their music can rock the audience.

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By Editor on 2 June, 2010
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