Rohit Bal Roots For Kashmir

Rohit Bal Roots For Kashmir

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Rohit Bal has always been one to stick to his roots. Most of his collections have a traditional touch to them. This Kashmiri designer has somehow, always managed to bring a feel of Kashmiri trends within our easy reach. Many of his collections have been inspired by Kashmir.

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The renowned designer always looks forward to doing something for Kashmir. He recently went back to his native state to shoot for a TV programme. This programme sheds light on the difficulties that the craftsmen in Kashmir have to face. The shooting for this show went on for approximately three and a half days.

During the shooting for the show Rohit visited various Kashmiri craftsmen and weavers who do embroidery work, make carpets, etc., for the show. The designer, who has designed for various Bollywood stars, thinks that the Kashmiri youngsters’ talent is going to waste and that the textile ministry has to do something about it.

The passionate designer agreed to do this project as he feels obligated to give something back to Kashmir. He claims that his Chinar collection is one among many of his collections that he has dedicated to Kashmir. He strongly feels that the government has to do something for these talented artists in Kashmir who suffer from unemployment and that we should not let them fade away.

Rohit suggests that the government should provide the artists in Kashmir with financial help and do everything possible so that they gain recognition and that it would be a shame to loose this talent. Sampurn Wire agrees with Rohit and hopes that the matter is looked into.

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By Editor on 15 May, 2010
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