Deepika Padukone will Walk Chivas Red Carpet in Cannes

Rohit Bal is Back With a Bang

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rohit bal and deepikaWe are very much aware that renowned designer Rohit Bal had suffered from a heart attack in February and had been rushed to a hospital. After approximately two and a half months, the designer is now ready to take the reins of his life in his own hands.

The suave designer does not want to take any risks where as far as his health is concerned. He has now quit drinking alcohol altogether as he has no desire to let his way of life before the heart attack harm his health in any way. He claims that for the sake of his well being he will be exercising certain amount of control on a few things and continue to have as much fun as he has had earlier in his life.

Rohit, who has designed for many Bollywood celebrities, is now set to design a whole new range of clothes for Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone. The actress will be showcasing the range while walking down the Chivas Red Carpet in Cannes. She is super excited at the prospect of representing India in Cannes and working with a name like Rohit Bal.

Bal has revealed to a Sampurn Wire reporter that Deepika will be draped in beautiful sarees for the event. He feels that Indian women have faced quiet a few criticisms for wearing western clothes at international events and hence the idea of sarees.

He has also unveiled his new collection named ‘Outlander’ in collaboration with one of biggest automobile manufacturers. Well, it looks like Rohit is on a roll.

— Sampurn Wire

Rohit Bal and Deepika Padukone

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By Editor on 14 May, 2010
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