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Rahul Dholakia’s next with Ravi Chopra

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After Lamhaa and the almost-completed social satire Society Rahul Dholakia is all set to direct a film for Ravi Chopra, again based on a ‘burning’ issue.

But this time the issue that Dhalokia who made films on the Gujarat communal riots (Parzania) and Kashmir, is not political. It’s about the loopholes in the legal system.

Rahul Dholakia

Ironically, the Chopras got themselves into a legal budge over the copyright of their latest film Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai which was an adaptation of the Hollywood film My Cousin Vinny.

Apparently Dhalokia’s film is inspired by the Chopras’ encounter with legal issues.

Says Dholakia, “Right now it’s slightly early to talk about the project. But yes, it deals with legal issues. I can’t comment on whether Mr. Bcahchan is in the film. It is every director’s dream to direct him”.

Rahul Dholakia’s telescopic look at the militancy and Kashmir in Lamhaa has earned him a staunch fan-following in the Valley.Though the film couldn’t be released in Kashmir because of the violence, pirated DVDs of Lamhaa have flooded the Valley.

Apparently some top Kashmiri leaders have watched the film on an illegal cable channel and have now invited him to come to the Valley to address the question of militancy. Dholakia can’t reveal their names for the fear that the politicians would be pulled up for viewing Lamhaa illegally.

Some time ago a huge hue and cry was raised when BJP members had watched a pirated copy of Raajneeti in Rajasthan.

Says Dholakia, “Though prominent politicians and ordinary Kashmiris have watched Lamhaa on spurious DVDs I’m grateful that they saw the film. Front-page articles are being written in Kashmir’s papers. And I’ve been invited to visit the Valley”.

Unfortunately Dholakia’s father is ailing. “My parents who are US-based flew down to Mumbai for the release of Lamhaa. My father who is 82 is unwell. I am now torn between looking after him and visiting Kashmir. As soon as my father is well, I am off to Kashmir.”

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By Editor on 7 August, 2010
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