Professionally Personal! | Shahid and Kareena together for movie Milenge Milenge

Professionally Personal!

By Editor


“I keep my professional life separate from my personal life”, we have heard this statement from the Bollywood stars quite often. So, how much do they mean it? It has become a cliché just like “we are just friends”.

Shahid and kareena together

So, as soon as they make the faux pas, we know how much to believe. Link ups and break ups are everyday news in the tinsel town; some survive, while the rest wither away. Bollywood can boast of some of the best movies, which included some iconic couples onscreen, who were the same couple off screen too. But as said, ‘love is blind’, hence our star couples remain blind to the gossips about them.

Recently, Boney Kapoor was in the news, as his much delayed movie Milenge Milenge stars. The jilted lovers Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor kept his movie delayed again and again. Boney has been bearing the brunt of the break up, because it is next to impossible to get them together in the same frame. Kareena Kapoor kept on stalling the promotional video. Hence, the very angry Boney gave her a deadline, if she fails to make it, Boney would carry on the publicity and promotion without her.

Though they have maintained that they are still “good friends”, this incident shows that another Jab we met is impossible to happen. Milenge Milenge might just be their last film together.

Akshay Kumar and beauty queen Priyanka Chopra gave us some memorable films. Right from Priyanka’s debut film Andaaz to their last movie together Mujhse shaadi karogi, they were the dream Jodi of every director. The fine chemistry between them set the rumor mills spinning. The alleged affair between them, made news in every tabloid, which of course, did not go well with Akshay’s wife Twinkle. After her intervention, Akshay and Priyanka even do not attend the same events; they avoid each other on all levels.

Earlier, the Amitabh and Rekha Jodi were as sizzling as any present day Jodi. They were the quintessential Bollywood couple, talented and respected in their own rights. They broke up, for a reason best known to them. Amitabh, who is happily to Jaya Bhaduri, has avoided and dodged any question about the once whirlwind romance.

These couples are just a tiny dot in the wide web Bollywood love drama; a few other names included in the long list are Salman-Aishwarya, Vivek-Aishwarya, and Hrithik- Kareena etc etc…

Over the years, the word professionalism has been wiped out from the dictionary in the Bollywood. The past maybe bad or even worse, but watching two extremely talented actors doing what they are best at, might nullify the past.

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By Editor on 2 June, 2010
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