» “People expect controversies” – Deepika, on her teaming up with Lara and Jiah

“People expect controversies” – Deepika, on her teaming up with Lara and Jiah

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The adage of more the merrier doesn’t exactly hold true when it comes to multiple actresses in a film. Two may just be a picnic but three or more is certainly considered as a crowd. Especially so when the leading ladies are hot bods like Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, and Jiah Khan, who definitely have a point to prove when it comes to their big outing – ‘Housefull’. This is the reason why one wonders if Deepika ever felt insecure, more so because when it comes to comic timing, Lara has been known for doing quite well over the years. Did it lead to some kind of healthy competition between the two of them?

“Absolutely not”, immediately says Deepika, “On the contrary there was healthy competition between the two of us. I take an opportunity like this as a learning experience. To do comedy with Akshay, Riteish, and Lara, who are themselves so good, is a challenge in itself. You don’t look at it as a competition of any sorts. In fact it was helpful for me that they were a part of this film. They were all so supportive.”

Narrating an anecdote, she stated, “I remember my very first scene which had a very serious comedy angle to it. I was very nervous because I was just getting used to the film’s setup. There were all four of us required in the scene and they all were constantly helping me out so that I could get the correct punch point. They were teaching me different ways to approach the scene.”

The way she details her interaction with ‘Team Housefull’, it seems that all was indeed well between the three leading ladies here, including Jiah.

Laughs Deepika, “See, people expect controversies here but then sorry to burst the bubble, there is none. Aisa aaj ki date mein hota hai ki three actresses mili aur cat fight shuru ho gayi? If people are not fond of each other then they handle it in a dignified manner. In any case, people are busy with their own lives. No one wishes ill for anybody, well, at least I don’t. I do my own thing and move on. As for Jiah, she is a very cute girl. It is nice to get along with people with whom you work with. It is all the more fun and only enhances your productivity.”

— Rudhir Burman / Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 23 April, 2010
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