Owing to Busy Schedule Ra.1 Shahrukh Khan will not captain the IIFA Cricket team 2010

Owing to Busy Schedule Ra.1 Shahrukh Khan will not captain the IIFA Cricket team 2010

By Lipika Varma


This time IIfa [International Indian Film Academy] is all set to ignite the grandest chapter in its history. The bollywood stars seem to join hands for a cause. The IIFA Weekend to be held in Colombo- Sri Lanka from June 3rd to 5th, 2010 will be an event to witness. Barring,all the controversies back home.

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As stated earlier in this column that, “A cricket match between  IIFA team[comprising of whose who from the Industry.]Cricket For a change” will be played against the Srilankans cricket team. The cricket match, which will take place on the 2nd day. The proceeds from this match will be donated for the rehabilitation of former child-soldier’s project. Who have borne the scars of war are being educated and will also get an opportunity to participate as volunteers.

To add spice to this our rumor mills had updated us that Shahrukh Khan will captain the IIFA  team.”

When quizzed about this rumor  that why has SRK who was to captain the team-”Cricket for a change” has been replaced by Sunil Shetty and Hrithik Roshan ?’ Sabbas Joseph, Director Wizcraft  said,” Yes! Shahrukh Khan was to Captain the cricket  team but owing to his busy schedule with his latest film RA 1 he requested us to keep him away from this responsibility. However he has promised us to attend the IIFA on one of these days. Probably he will join us late in the evening on the second day of IIFA celebrations.”

Is it genuinely because of his busy schedule owing to RA1 or is it the presence of Salman Khan and his active participation in this IIFA  which is keeping the King Khan away we quiz inquisitively? smiles and quips “There is no problem of that sort. You should understand the pressure that our stars have to undergo owing to their profession. Getting all of them out of their schedule has to be in accordance to their dates. I have always welcomed the whole of the Indian Film Fraternity to join The IIFA and have got a good response. More over these stars are always ready to join hands for a good cause.” Concludes Sabbas.

Well!  More importantly the Khans,- Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will they be coming together? What remains the most important question for all of us is- If SRK joins IIFA as stated by Sabbas then the media will have no  scope for speculations as far as their off screen enmity is concerned. All in all we need to give a pat on the back of our film fraternity celebs’ for definitely showing keen interest in joining hands for a good cause. Hope they are able to flag their warmth onto the Srilankans.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 31 May, 2010
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