» Neil Nitin Mukesh first Onscreen Kiss with Deepika Padukone

Neil Nitin Mukesh first Onscreen Kiss with Deepika Padukone

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Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone has kissed Saif Ali Khan on screen. But her new co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh was a virgin kisser on camera when the duo locked their lips last week. Neil had no choice but to succumb to a torrid kissing sequence with Deepika.

Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh have one thing in common. They both follow a no-kiss clause. Katrina broke her self-imposed bow of smooch-celibacy in New York.

Deepika Padukone

Now the conservative Neil Nitin Mukesh has pulled out the plug on his no-kissing clause. In Yashraj Films Lafange Parindey, Neil was virtually forced to do a lingering kissing scene with Deepika Padukone .Director Pradeep Sarkar and Deepika had to use every possible measure of persuasion before Neil abandoned his chastity vow.

“At first Neil was totally against locking lips with Deepika. Barring Katrina in New York with whom he had no opportunity for a kiss, Neil has refused to indulge in kissing in all his films. In fact his first director Sriram Raghavan threw a fit when Neil refused to kiss Rimi Sen. In his second film Tera Kya Hoga Johnny, director Sudhir Mishra insisted on having a kissing scene between Neil and Shahana Goswami. But, Neil refused to the director’s despair. Even in Jial, where there was a love-making scene with Mugda Godse, Neil did not take fancy to kissing,” says a source close to the project.

Conservative to the core, Neil plunged into his first kiss only after the director assured him that the romantic relationship needed a culmination.

Says the source, “Pradeep persuaded Neil and he finally saw a reason in his director’s point of view. But Neil was nervous. Deepika had kissed before on screen. Not Neil. He first suggested a peck. But he finally gave green signal to do a long torrid smooch, comparable in intensity and duration with Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor’s kiss in Raja Hindustani.”

When contracted Neil said, “I can’t talk about this. But yes we’ve gone completely by the requirement of the script. And Lafange Parinde is my first love story.”

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By Editor on 6 August, 2010
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