» Music Review of Nanhe Jaisalmer (Himesh Reshammiya)

Music Review of Nanhe Jaisalmer (Himesh Reshammiya)

By Editor


I was surprised and excited wen i saw this album releasing. because i had never heard of this movie i didnt expect himesh uncle to be the music director

….but since it is a bobby deol movie, it will be a flop.

NANHE YAAR – When a song is called NANHE YAAR, (which translates to SMALL FREIND in English) how good can it be? Himesh does an excellent job in composing the song – and Sonu Nigam sings it very nicely…but sadly there is no way to save a song about a “small freind”. Music reminds you of the Himesh compositions before he started singing. So no complaints against him as he did his very best but this song is way TOO SITUATIONAL.

ULFAT – Himesh starts off singing this song like he is in a lot of pain…kya hua Himesh bhai? Anyways this hardcore rock and roll song does get better after repeated listening but we hav seen better from Himesh. NOT BAD ALTHOUGH VERY LOUD

KESARIYA – The singer in this song is Vineet but he sounds like Sonu Nigam for some reason…..nothing special about the song. BORING

RANJHE – Himesh sings another song in the movie and this time gets it right… fav of the album ROCKING!!

LAMHA LAMHA – Another song sung by Himesh (this time slow song)….what saves this song is the “Dum Pachak” music in the background which was also heard in Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam from Duplicate (Anu Malik). NOT BAD


By Editor on 21 August, 2007
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