Mughda Godse to act in Horror film 'Help'

Mughda Godse was Anxious to Help

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Mughda Godse, the model turned actress has revealed that she was a bit worried to act in horror film Help. She thought that it would be a little too ‘early’ for her.

Mughda says that she is anxious and a little worried about acting in horror movies at this phase since she wants to explore the actor inside her. She says that as an actor one must undertake such ‘horrific’ endeavors at a later stage of their career. She was in two minds about doing the film.

Mughda Godse

Help is the directorial debut of Rajeev Virani. This is a paranormal-horror film with Bobby Deol and Mughda in the primary roles. The film all set to be released on August 13, which is a Friday. Friday the 13th, is considered to be an ominous day full of bad luck.

Mughda says that the script of the movie delighted her completely and therefore she couldn’t say no to the film. She was indeed apprehensive about the whole horror movie bit, but the script completely changed her attitude.

She plays the character called Pia, spouse of a horror movie maker.

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By Editor on 26 July, 2010
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