» Meiyang Chang does not Believe in Live-in Relationship

Meiyang Chang does not Believe in Live-in Relationship

By Lipika Varma


Meiyang Chang belongs to a dentists’ family. Who hails from Calcutta and studied from Bangalore. He has worked as a dentist before joining the TV. Although Chang knows fully well that he does not have much of scope in acting career owing to his looks. Meiyang who has inherited his father’s talent of singing has a dream to make it big on the musical domain of bollywood map. “Yes! I have inherited the singing talent from my father but I am not in a hurry to make it big as a singer. I am not a trained singer but. It is a dream, hope it gets fulfilled.” Quips Chang.”

meiyang chang and monali thakur

Talking about his debut film he says,” I have debuted in “Badmaash” the credit goes to Director Parmeet Sethi who could visualize only me in this character. Yes! I do agree that owing to my look my accessibility on the silver screen will be limited. It’s fine with me. I started as a contestant in Indian Idol one and later got to be hosting the show in season 2. All this happened to me by fluke of luck. Mainstream opportunities to me are going to be limited. Yet I’m optimistic in my approach. I have got few TV offers for hosting which have to be confirmed. So I believe in luck, hard work from my end is an additional bonus to me, I suppose.” Agrees Chang.

Steering further we try to find out his childhood as well as his latest likings. What he prefers doing during his leisure hours? I loved sketching from my childhood. I wanna use my cartoons in the news papers .I also love to read cartoons. Last but not the least singing during my free times is the most favorite hobby of mine.”

All work and no play, does this turn Chang into a dull boy? Laughs! But unhesitatingly confesses that I am in love with Monali Thakur. Being from the same profession both of us understand the toll of the professional hi-cups. She is very understanding. One thing that I like about Monali thakur is that she is extremely grounded and gives me the kind of space I need. We have been in a relationship for a year now. She is very ambitious. I respect her for her discipline in life that she follows. She is a cool babe. Yeah! My parents have no problems with our relationship. It is too early for me to confirm about our marriage. At this juncture of our lives we need to concentrate more on our career.”

Would you extend your relationship into a live-in relationship? What’s your take on it? Well! I am no one to advice any one anything whether the couples should experience a live in relationship before tying the knot. But I belong to the old school of thought I will never like to live in with my girl friend Monali thakur until we are married.

Coming back to the film Badmaash Chang feels happy and relates how his on screen peers were focused.”All four of us Shahid, Vir me and Anushka who is really playing a bably character had a ball of a time. I act a drunken scene in the film. I do not drink or smoke in real. But during my college days in Bangalore while Partying I would see how my friends behaved. Recollecting those moments did I perform a drunken in the film. All on the sets admired my scene.” Confesses Meiyang.

Finally he never forgets to Thank Parmeet who has written this script keeping him in mind.” If it was not for Director Parmeet Sethi I would have not been bestowed upon a chance to be a part of the Yashraj films. I am not only happy about being a part of the film but I take this opportunity thank PARMEETE – nick name given to Parmeet by Shahid.” Chang Signs off

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 5 May, 2010
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