Meghna Naidu's Gmail Account Hacked

Meghna Naidu’s Gmail Account Hacked

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The ‘Kaliyo ka chaman’ girl Meghna Naidu fell in to the trap of cyber hackers. Recently, the small time Bollywood actress has filed a police complaint saying that her email id has been hacked. Moreover, the hacker is trying to malign her image by writing obscene mails to her friends.

Meghna, who has also acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films, said, “I came to know about the hacking from my friends on Saturday. The hacker used my gmail account to chat with my friends and even said that I am pregnant and wanted to go for an abortion. The fraud wrote all such obscene things about me.”

Meghna Naidu

The ex-publicist of the actress smelled something fishy and informed Meghna. The item girl said, “She called me up to know if I was really in the chat or not. Then she informed me about the whole thing and I was shocked. In fact, the person abused three Bollywood actors from my account. The issue is a serious one as the hacker is creating a bad name for me, which hurts.”

Naidu added, “I have complained to the police, who said that they needed at least a week to investigate the case.”

She further added, “Three of my friends, who are not from Bollywood chatted with the hacker thinking it was me.”

Meghna has submitted an application to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) of the crime branch. However, no FIR has been registered till now.

Inspector Mukund Pawar, in-charge of the CCIC, informed, “Her assistant was operating her other three email accounts, which were also hacked. She is now unable to access her accounts as the hacker has changed the password.”

The CCIC has approached the US-based email service company to get the details about the places from where the email ID had been accessed. It has also asked for the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address but has not received any response yet.

The actress has advised the net surfers not to log on to Google groups. Meghna added, “Don’t open the forwarded links. I clicked on one such album link and my account got hacked. Also, keep changing your password frequently to avoid any hacking.”

— Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 24 June, 2010
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