Manisha Koirala's Comeback Film - The Only 'Attraction' This Week?

Manisha Koirala’s Comeback Film – The Only ‘Attraction’ This Week?

By Editor


Manisha KoiralaThere is a lull this week but not quite the one before the storm. Due to ‘Kites’, ‘Rajneeti’ and ‘Raavan’ all arriving with just a week’s gap between each other, it was just the right decision of film makers, both big and small, not to get sandwiched in the intermediate weeks. No wonder, there is not a single new notable release this week. In fact those film makers who even dreamt of doing so must be thanking their stars since ‘Raajneeti’ is pretty much dominating the second week as well.

However, the same can’t be said about the makers of ‘Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De’ who, after waiting for months finally pencilled this week as the timeline for arrival. Frankly, it is a dead project with a dated feel all over it. Majority of cast from the film has retired, most notably Manisha Koirala who is getting married this month. The film’s title is out rightly boring and has a B-grade feel to it. The music is poor, promotion patchy and the cast uninterested.

Though the film’s title proclaims that ‘a single second may change an entire life’, it is nothing short of irony to believe that the two years gone by (since the film was announced) would hardly make any difference to the professional life of the team here. No wonder, it seems improbable that the film would manage to even get a proper release, let aside completing a single weekend at the box office.

While this is certainly a lull, the storm is also not quite round the corner with ‘Raavan’ releasing next week. Frankly, amongst all the big films that have arrived this year – be it ‘Raajneeti’, ‘My Names Is Khan’, ‘Kites’, ‘Housefull’ or even ‘Veer’ – the interest level in ‘Raavan’ is currently the lowest. However, there is still a week to go for the promotion of the film and there may just be some turnaround waiting to happen. Stay tuned!

-Joginder Tuteja/Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 10 June, 2010
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