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Lisa Lazarus in and Zarine Out from Veer?

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According to yet another insider report, the second lead in Salman Khan’s Veer is not going to be Zarine Khan. The report says that Lisa Lazarus, who hails from the same place as Katrina Kaif, will play the part.

Lisa LazarusLisa Lazarus

It seems that Salman is really obsessed with Katrina Kaif lookalikes. Lisa Lazarus, who is Miss UK, looks very similar to Katrina Kaif in looks, but unlike Katrina she looks to be totally firangi.

Lisa LazarusLisa Lazarus

I fail to understand why the cast of Veer is kept under such secrecy. Anyways, if you are a Salman fan, and would like to see how Veer would look like, here is the video showing you the palace erected at a film studio for the movie.

By Editor on 4 December, 2008
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